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Les Edgerton is an American author of eighteen books, including two about writing fiction: Finding Your Voice and Hooked. He also writes short stories, articles, essays, novels, and screenplays.

Genres: Mystery
   The Death of Tarpons (1996)
   Just Like That (2011)
   12 Mad Men (2014) (with Ryan Bracha, Paul D Brazill, Gerard Brennan, Craig Furchtenicht, Richard Godwin, Allen Miles, Keith Nixon, Darren Sant, Gareth Spark, Martin Stanley and Mark Wilson)
   Bomb! (2016)
   Monday's Meal (2018)
   Mirror, Mirror (2019)
   Hard Times (2020)
   Lagniappe (2017)
Non fiction
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Les Edgerton recommends
Bad Samaritan (2018)
(Nick Forte Mystery, book 5)
Dana King
"Dana King is such a terrific writer that if he wrote soup label copy, I’d have a cupboard full of tomato, mushroom and chicken noodle soup… and never open a can. The good news is that he has a new book out titled Bad Samaritan and once again, King doesn’t disappoint. His bad-ass detective, Nick Forte, is after nasty guys who abuse and exploit women and since these jerks operate in Chicago, they’re in a world of hurt as Nick also lives in Chicago and doesn’t suffer creeps gladly. Full-bore action coming at you on every page. Glom onto this one—you’ll thank me if you do."
Last Year's Man (2018)
(Tommy Bennett, book 1)
Paul D Brazill
"Paul D. Brazill is the Crown Prince of Noir. That’s my opinion, granted, but I stand by it. For those who require proof, just pick up his latest novel, Last Year’s Man, and it will be clear why I make that statement. All hail the crown prince!"
Savage Gerry (2021)
John Jantunen
"This is an Old Testament novel of fire and brimstone, of a fierce, just God. This is a novel of an eye for an eye. This is a novel of strong and stoic men, who take care of their families and ask for no quarter. A novel of men’s actions, not their words. This is a novel of the love of men for their sons. This is a novel of strength, not of weakness."

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