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S.A. Cosby is a writer whose work has been published in numerous magazine and anthologies. His story "Slant-Six" received an honorable mention in Best Mystery Stories of 2016. He lives in Gloucester, Virginia.

Genres: Mystery
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S A Cosby recommends
Undercard (2019)
David Albertyn
"Undercard is a dizzying rollercoaster of suspense and action that examines the complexities of brotherhood and the consequences of tragic masculinity. Albertyn’s pitch-perfect understanding of the bonds of friendship gives this novel a powerful emotional center. If The Hangover was a serious suspense novel, it would be Undercard."
Hidden Victims (2020)
(Nichelle Clarke Mystery, book 8)
LynDee Walker
"LynDee Walker is a modern voice in crime fiction with a southern belle’s charm...if you like Tami Hoag or Nora Roberts, you will love her work."
Scavenger (2020)
(Dickie Cornish, book 1)
Christopher Chambers
"Chris Chambers has created a wholly original character that exists in a world at once familiar but startlingly brutal."
Girl, 11 (2021)
Amy Suiter Clarke
"Girl, 11 is a dazzlingly twisted and dark thriller with complex characters, a neo-Gothic atmosphere and a killer that ranks with some of the most disturbing in the genre. Amy Suiter Clarke is a magnificent guide through this macabre labyrinth!"
Bath Haus (2021)
P J Vernon
"P. J. Vernon has crafted a thriller that is dark, gripping, and addictive. Reading Bath Haus is like eavesdropping on the disintegration of a beautiful lie. You think you know how it's going to end but you have NO IDEA."
Dead-End Jobs: A Hitman Anthology (2021)
Andy Rausch
"An incredible collection of powerful and haunting stories that exist in that shadowy realm between tragedy, nihilism and noir."
Walking Through Needles (2021)
Heather Levy
"An unflinchingly brutal and beautiful journey through the darkest rivers of desire."
Velvet Was the Night (2021)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Velvet Was the Night cements Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s incredible versatility as an amazing writer who moves effortlessly between genres. It’s a lush, magnificent trip into a world of danger and discovery—not to be missed!"
These Toxic Things (2021)
Rachel Howzell Hall
"Rachel Howzell Hall continues to shatter the boundaries of crime fiction through the sheer force of her indomitable talent. These Toxic Things is a master class in tension and suspense. You think you are ready for it. But. You. Are. Not."
A Violent Gospel (2021)
(Dooley Brothers, book 1)
Mark Westmoreland
"A Violent Gospel is a visceral slice of existential cornbread."
When Ghosts Come Home (2021)
Wiley Cash
"A fascinating, nuanced meditation on life - both the living of it and the taking of it - in the crucible of small town America. Wiley Cash is our guide through this maze of old secrets and fresh hurts. Take his hand, follow his lead and face the truth."
Her Name is Knight (2021)
(Nena Knight, book 1)
Yasmin Angoe
"Yasmin Angoe’s debut novel, Her Name Is Knight, is an amazing action packed international thriller full of suspense, danger, and even romance. It’s like a John Wick prequel except John is a beautiful African woman with a particular set of skills."
The Paradox Hotel (2022)
Rob Hart
"An engrossing and thought-provoking sci-fi mystery that is also an achingly beautiful meditation on grief and the pain of lost love."
Don't Know Tough (2022)
Eli Cranor
"Don't Know Tough is a searing and stunningly poignant study in what makes us and what breaks us and ultimately what brings us to a place of peace. Eli Cranor is that rare writer who can make you gasp, cry and cheer often in the same paragraph."
Under Lock & Skeleton Key (2022)
(Secret Staircase Mystery, book 1)
Gigi Pandian
"Gigi Pandian is the modern master of the locked room mystery."
The New Neighbor (2022)
Carter Wilson
"The New Neighbor is a dizzying descent into a Byzantine maze of psychological suspense. Carter Wilson proves once again why he is one of the best most inventive thriller writers working today."
Dark Factory (2022)
Kathe Koja
"Some writers are born to spin tales from the shadows. Kathe Koja is one such author. Dark Factory is a unique and esoteric experience. A journey into the throbbing heart of creativity itself. Where we find kisses and cuts. A fantastic story."
This Train (2022)
James Grady
"The term 'master storyteller' is bandied about quite often these days, but in the case of James Grady it isn't just a marketing phrase. This Train confirms what most readers have known for decades. James Grady is a writer who is always at the top of his game. A nail biting thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats. Not to be missed."
The Devil Takes You Home (2022)
Gabino Iglesias
"Some of the finest, most terrifying and heartbreaking writing you will read this year. The Devil Takes You Home is not to be missed."
The Hollow Kind (2022)
Andy Davidson
"Andy Davidson is quickly establishing himself as the newest master of southern gothic horror. The Hollow Kind seeps into your subconscious and waits for you in your nightmares."
Everybody Knows (2023)
Jordan Harper
"Just as Ellory mastered the atavistic heart of 1950's corruption, so Jordan Harper has mastered articulating the Day-Glo Technicolor nightmare that is postmodern Los Angeles. Everybody Knows is filled with ballsy movers and shakers, of course, but also plastic social media influencers, high-rent hoods, nihilistic cops, and the sorts of lost souls you'll never forget. Everybody Knows is an absolute tour de force, a trip through an exclusive alluring Hell where everyone gets what they want and just what they deserve."

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