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(Percival L Everett)
USA flag (b.1956)

Percival Everett is the author of eleven novels including the recent Erasure, which won the inaugural Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for fiction. He lives with his wife on a small ranch and teaches at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Walk Me to the Distance (1985)
   For Her Dark Skin (1990)
   Zulus (1990)
   God's Country (1994)
   Watershed (1996)
   Frenzy (1996)
   Suder (1999)
   Glyph (1999)
   Cutting Lisa (2000)
   Grand Canyon, Inc. (2001)
   Erasure (2001)
   A History of the African-American People (2004) (with James Kincaid)
   American Desert (2004)
   Wounded (2005)
   Water Cure (2007)
   I Am Not Sidney Poitier (2009)
   Assumption (2011)
   Percival Everett by Virgil Russell (2013)
   The Body of Martin Aguilera (2013)
   So Much Blue (2017)
   Telephone (2020)
   The Trees (2021)
   Dr. No (2022)
   James (2024)
   The Weather and Women Treat Me Fair (1987)
   Big Picture (1996)
   Damned If I Do (2004)
   Swimming Swimmers Swimming (poems) (2011)
   Half an Inch of Water (2015)
   Trout's Lie (poems) (2015)
   RE: F (Gesture) (poems) (2017)
   The Book of Training by Colonel Hap Thompson Of Roanoke VA, 1843 (poems) (2019)
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Non fiction
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PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction Best Book nominee (2014) : Percival Everett by Virgil Russell
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee (2021) : Telephone

Percival Everett recommends
The New Naturals (2023)
Gabriel Bump
"A Blithedale Romance for the 21st century, only less naive and more complex. Race, class and gender collide in all the ways they do in the so-called real world. Bump's prose is fresh and frequently surprising. This is funny, sad, sad-funny and funny-sad and just plain smart."
Brooklyn Crime Novel (2023)
Jonathan Lethem
"The levels of mystery here astound. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and then the parts decide to act alone and challenge the whole. Lethem is not only interrogating the form of the crime novel, but the venture of storytelling itself. All of this while remaining a joy to read, full of strange characters and expertly rendered place. This brilliant, genre-defying work will leave certainly a mark."
The Survivalists (2023)
Kashana Cauley
"Kashana Cauley's novel The Survivalists is beautifully written. With language that is smart, economical and clear she renders a story that is about relationships and our culture. I love this character Aretha, her observations, her arguments, her irony. This a nice piece of work."
Life Is Everywhere (2022)
Lucy Ives
"If Lucy Ives is as smart as her novel Life Is Everywhere, then I am in complete awe. The novel is challenging in all the best ways and an absolute joy to read. How many books in one and yet one book. This is great writing."
If I Survive You (2022)
Jonathan Escoffery
"These are superb stories about identity, family and place. There is a beautiful economy in the telling that never sacrifices the depth, complexity and richness of the worlds these characters inhabit. Jonathan Escoffery's is a strong, much needed new voice in our literature."
Golden Age (2022)
Wang Xiaobo
"Until reading Wang Xiaobo's Golden Age, I had not seen a work that captures the ironies and contradictions Wang Er endures living in a communist country in a decidedly capitalist world. Just my saying this sounds academic, but the novel is not academic. It's hilarious, loose, surprising and so smart. I am reminded of Heller's Catch 22, but whereas circularity was the enemy for Yossarian, it might well be Wang Er's ally."
The Infinite Future (2018)
Tim Wirkus
"Tim Wirkus has channeled the ghost of Laurence Sterne and the imagination of Rene Magritte. From the foreword on I was taken by this novel. Entertaining, fun and very, very smart, the story is everywhere at once, but never lost. This is a house of mirrors worth entering."

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