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Howard Norman

USA flag (b.1949)

Howard A. Norman, is an American award-winning writer and educator. Most of his short stories and novels are set in Canada's Maritime Provinces. He has written several translations of Algonquin, Cree, Eskimo, and Inuit folklore. His books have been translated into 12 languages.

Genres: Mystery, Historical
Non fiction
National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (1987) : The Northern Lights
National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (1994) : The Bird Artist

Howard Norman recommends
All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost (2010)
Lan Samantha Chang
"Lucy, Roman, Bernard, and Miranda are characters you won't soon forget. In their passionate, demanding, wrecked, and joyous literary lives, they thrive on their belief in language's absolute authority. This deeply affecting--and elegant--novel by Lan Samantha Chang definitely offers what Leonard Cohen calls his whole career in song: All day and night, versions of the erotic. I wish I could live long enough to discover this novel in an attic trunk a hundred years in the future, and exclaim, so this is what 'poetic education' really meant."
The Poison Artist (2016)
Jonathan Moore
"With The Poison Artist, Jonathan Moore has given us a brilliant debut thriller, confident, mesmerizing, edgy and very cool. So much happens on every page, it's almost dizzying. Hitchcock should come back from the grave and film this story."
Broken Wing (2016)
David Budbill
"A rusty blackbird and The an Who Lives Alone in the Mountains are both signature characters from hermit-obsessed mind and heart of David Budbill. All of his life David Budhill has paid homage to this iconic poet recluses of China by imparting their philosophical dignity, eccentricity, and spiritual probity into his beloved north country. Broken Wing is both a continuation of that project--and an autonomously haunting allegory. A prolific and passionate writer, a beautiful story."
Visible Empire (2018)
Hannah Pittard
"Hannah Pittard knows that Faulkner was right: the past is never dead - it isn't even past. In her stunning novel, Visible Empire, she brings harrowing incidents from 1962 into the present with the vivid immediacy of a documentary film. Writing of love, family, race, devastating loss, redemption, riveting mysteries revealed, Pittard composes a grand symphony of profound incidents and passages of life—a compassionate, spellbinding novel."
An Old Man's Game (2019)
(Amos Parisman Mystery, book 1)
Andy Weinberger
"If Isaac Singer wrote an L.A. gumshoe novel, it would be in lively conversation with An Old Man's Game, the first of what I hope is a series of Amos Parisman mysteries by the immensely talented Andy Weinberger. The writing here, to quote Sam Shepard, is 'full of crazy and comical pathos, ' and the story itself brings the L.A. Jewish community fabulously and vividly alive. This is a ribald private-eye tale full of genius and originality."

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