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Jonathan Lethem is the author of As She Climbed Across the Table, Amnesia Moon, and Motherless Brooklyn. He has been listed by Newsweek as one of their '100 People for the New Century'. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction
New Books
August 2023

The Blot
October 2023

Brooklyn Crime Novel
   Gun, with Occasional Music (1994)
   Amnesia Moon (1995)
   As She Climbed Across the Table (1997)
   Girl in Landscape (1998)
   Motherless Brooklyn (1999)
   This Shape We're In (2000)
   Ninety Percent of Everything (2001) (with James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel)
   The Fortress of Solitude (2003)
   You Don't Love Me Yet (2007)
   Chronic City (2009)
   Dissident Gardens (2013)
   A Gambler's Anatomy (2016)
     aka The Blot
   The Feral Detective (2018)
   The Arrest (2020)
   Brooklyn Crime Novel (2023)
   Cellophane Bricks (2024)
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Anthologies edited
   The Vintage Book of Amnesia (2000)
   The Exegesis of Philip K Dick (2011) (with Pamela Jackson)
Graphic Novels
   Omega (2000) (with Karl Rusnack)
Novellas and Short Stories
   The Blot (2023) (with Laurence A Rickels)
Non fiction
Omnibus editions
Series contributed to
Outspoken Authors
   27. The Collapsing Frontier (2016) (with Laurence A Rickels)
     aka The Blot: A Supplement
Anthologies containing stories by Jonathan Lethem
Short stories
Walking the Moons (1990)
The Happy Man (1991)Nebula Awards (nominee)
"Forever," Said the Duck (1993)
The Happy Prince (1993)
Mood Bender (1994)
The Insipid Profession of Jonathan Hornebom (1995)World Fantasy (nominee)
Receding Horizon (1995) (with Carter Scholz)
Five Fucks (1996)Nebula Awards (nominee)
How We Got in Town and out Again (1996)
Martyr and Pesty (1996)
Ninety Percent of Everything [short story] (1999) (with James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Genre and Genesis: A Discussion of Science Fiction's Literary Role: Why Can't We All Just Live Together? (2000)

Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1992) : The Happy Man
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : Amnesia Moon
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : Gun, with Occasional Music
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1995) : Gun, with Occasional Music
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1996) : The Insipid Profession of Jonathan Hornebom
Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1997) : Five Fucks
Dagger Awards Best Novel winner (2000) : Motherless Brooklyn
Nebula Awards Best Novella nominee (2001) : Ninety Percent of Everything [short story]
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards Best Novel nominee (2005) : The Fortress of Solitude

Jonathan Lethem recommends
Same Bed Different Dreams (2023)
Ed Park
"Your view of twentieth-century history will be enlarged and altered by Ed Park's mysterious, panoramic novel. Itseems to draw on Bolano, Pynchon, and DeWitt for its radical structure, yet remains grounded in a droll, sweet voice we've wished to hear again since Personal Days. This is a Gravity's Rainbow for another war, an unfinished war. Having been enlisted in the Korean Provisional Government, I now await my instructions."
Dartmouth Park (2023)
Rupert Thomson
"I devoured Dartmouth Park in a single sitting. The sense of dislocation--and location--made it seem like a dream of another life, all of it so lyrical and yet narratively acute. A wonderful achievement."
Trouble the Living (2023)
Francesca McDonnell Capossela
"Francesca Capossela is a startling new talent, elegant, erudite, humane, and with a true novelist's sense of form and proportion. Her debut straddles continents and generations with seemingly effortless lyricism and verve. Her exacting insight into the emotional dynamics of family is astonishing."
Oh God, the Sun Goes (2023)
David Connor
"An indescribable marvel ... A writer who will seemingly follow his intuitions anywhere, with blazing results."
Sing Her Down (2023)
Ivy Pochoda
"Sing Her Down is that rare novel that explodes your expectations from the very first page and goes on doing so until the end. Ivy Pochoda finds these characters at the root of their pain and desire. The prose is flayed and taut, the iconic episodes just keep stacking up, and the entirety has the epic intensity of a murder ballad."
The Nature Book (2023)
Tom Comitta
"Here it is at last, and what a bloody relief to at last have it: The Novel Without Us. Using the suprasensory medium of the human vessel Tom Comitta, the trees and sky and earth have accessed the hyperobject or hyperartifact known as 'literature' in order to be heard from, across time and space. This is a novel to dwarf all others."

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