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Thomas Emson

UK flag (b.1966)

Thomas was born in Bangor, Wales, and raised on Anglesey, the island at the northern tip of Wales. He lives in Kent under another name with his wife, the author and journalist, Marnie Summerfield Smith.
It was Stephen King's vampire novel Salem's Lot that fired his ambition to be a writer.
He was a journalist for more than 20 years, working for local, regional, and national papers as a reporter, sub-editor, design editor, sports editor, night editor, and deputy editor.
His first novel, a Welsh-language vampire story, was published in 1996. He's had three novels, two collections of stories, and two non-fiction books published in Welsh. He is also an award-winning playwright.

Genres: Horror
   1. Maneater (2008)
   2. Prey (2009)
Vampire Babylon
   1. Skarlet (2009)
   2. Krimson (2010)
   3. Kardinal (2011)
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   Holiday of the Dead (2011) (with Tony Burgess, David Dunwoody, Shaun Jeffrey, Remy Porter, John Russo and Wayne Simmons)
   The Trees (2013)
   Leaders of the Pack (2020) (with Ray Garton, Jonathan Janz, T W Piperbrook, Graeme Reynolds, Glenn Rolfe, Matt Serafini, Jeff Strand, David Watkins and David Wellington)