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Danica Favorite

Danica Favorite has spent her life in love with good books.  Never did she imagine that the people who took her to far away places would someday be the same folks she now calls friends.

A mountain girl at heart, she lives in the Denver area with her husband, children, a pesky dog, and a slew of chickens.

Put it all together, and you find an adventurous writer who likes to explore what it means to be human and follow people on the journey to happily ever after.

Genres: Inspirational

   Love Inspired Historical July 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Louise M Gouge, Christina Rich and Renee Ryan)
   Harlequin Love Inspired Historical April 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Linda Ford, Julie Christine Johnson and Cheryl St. John)
   Harlequin Love Inspired Historical September 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Winnie Griggs, Gabrielle Meyer and Regina Scott)
   Love Inspired Historical January 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Dorothy Clark, Linda Ford and Bonnie Navarro)
   Love Inspired Historical May 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Valerie Hansen, Noelle Marchand and Anna Zogg)
   Love Inspired Historical October 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Whitney Bailey, Linda Ford and Louise M Gouge)
   Love Inspired Historical February 2018 Box Set (2018) (with Lyn Cote, Stacy Henrie and Christina Miller)
   Legacy of the Heart (2018) (with Stacy Henrie, Tina Radcliffe, Terri Reed and Sherri Shackelford)
   Harlequin Love Inspired February 2019 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2019) (with Stephanie Dees and Lenora Worth)
   Harlequin Love Inspired July 2019 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2019) (with Jo Ann Brown and Ruth Logan Herne)
   Harlequin Love Inspired November 2019 - Box Set 1 of 2: An Anthology (2019) (with Emma Miller)
   Harlequin Love Inspired June 2020 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2020) (with Patricia Johns and Jennifer Slattery)
   Harlequin Love Inspired September 2020 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2020) (with Kat Brookes and Lenora Worth)
   Harlequin Love Inspired April 2021 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2021) (with Tracey J Lyons and Angel Moore)
   Rocky Mountain Dreams / Family on the Range (2021) (with Jessica Nelson)
   The Marriage Agreement / Shotgun Marriage (2021) (with Renee Ryan)