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As long as she can remember, Linda Goodnight has loved the power and beauty of words. An avid reader, it wasn't until her children were teenagers that she began to write down the stories swirling in her head. Her first book appeared in 2000, and since then she's written nineteen books for several publishers. She is thrilled to write fiction that carries a message of hope in a sometimes dark world.

A fifth grade teacher, she lives on a small Oklahoma ranch with her husband Gene, a lot of cows, a blue tick hound, a paint horse, and a rat terrier who climbs trees. She is proud to be called Mom by a blended family of six grown children.

Genres: Inspirational, Romance, Historical Romance, Young Adult Romance

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   Prairie Brides (2000) (with Linda Ford and JoAnn A Grote)
   Lessons of the Heart (2000) (with Kristin Billerbeck, Kristi Hickman and Yvonne Lehman)
   Love Afloat (2001) (with Kimberley Comeaux, JoAnn A Grote, Lisa Harris and Diann Hunt)
   Cowboy Christmas (2004) (with Lisa Harris and Catherine Palmer)
   A Love Inspired Christmas Bundle (2007) (with Deb Kastner and Lenora Worth)
   A Bride By Christmas (2008) (with Kelly Eileen Hake, Vickie McDonough and Therese Stenzel)
   Mothers And Daughters (2009) (with Deborah Bedford)
   The Prairie Romance Collection (2009) (with Lynn A Coleman, Mary Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan K Downs, Birdie Etchison, Linda Ford, JoAnn A Grote, Cathy Marie Hake, Judith Miller, Kathleen Paul and Janet Spaeth)
   Crowned: The Palace Nanny / Jingle-Bell Baby (2009) (with Marion Lennox)
   In The Spirit of... Christmas / A Very Special Delivery (2009)
   Their Precious Christmas Miracle (2009) (with Tanya Michaels and Linda Warren)
   The Nanny and the Millionaire (2011) (with Margaret Way and Rebecca Winters)
   A Snowglobe Christmas (2012) (with Lissa Manley)
   Love Inspired December 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2013) (with Patricia Davids and Ruth Logan Herne)
   Home to Crossroads Ranch / The Baby Bond (2014)
   Love Inspired March 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2014) (with Leann Harris and Mia Ross)
   A Child's Christmas Boxed Set (2014)
   Love Inspired November 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2014) (with Glynna Kaye and Jenna Mindel)
   New Arrivals: One Secret Child (2015) (with Maggie Cox and Margaret Way)
   Love Inspired November 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Leigh Bale and Lorraine Beatty)
   Harlequin Love Inspired October 2016 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2016) (with Laurel Blount and Mia Ross)
   The Road To Love (2017) (with Debbie Macomber)
   Harlequin Love Inspired June 2017 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2017) (with Jill Kemerer and Roxanne Rustand)
   A Snowglobe Christmas / A Gift of Family (2017) (with Lissa Manley and Mia Ross)
   A Cowboy Christmas (2018) (with Ruth Logan Herne)
   Cowboy Under the Mistletoe / A Hickory Ridge Christmas (2019) (with Dana Corbit)
   The Christmas Child / Gift-Wrapped Family (2020) (with Lois Richer)
   Harlequin Love Inspired May 2021 - Box Set 2 of 2 (2021) (with Susanne Dietze and Jolene Navarro)
   The Christmas Family / Her Christmas Family Wish (2021) (with Lois Richer)
   Love Inspired April 2022 Box Set - 2 of 2 (2022) (with Patrice Lewis and Heidi McCahan)
   Love Inspired August 2022 Box Set - 1 of 2 (2022) (with Susanne Dietze and Rebecca Kertz)
   Love Inspired November 2022 Box Set - 2 of 2 (2022) (with Heidi Main and Virginia Wise)
   A Wish for the Season (2022) (with Margaret Daley)

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