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Lia Farrell was born in January of 2009, the brain-child/pen-name of a mother/daughter writing team. Lias first book, cozy mystery One Dog too Many, was released by Camel Press on November 15th of 2013. It was, of course, instigated by a dog. Lyn Farquhar, the mom in this duo, lives in Michigan. One icy morning when she was going out to walk her dogs, her younger Corgi, Millie, pulled hard on the leash. Lyn slipped and broke her right arm for the second time in a year. She needed surgery and her daughter Lisa Fitzsimmons came up from Tennessee to stay with her after her surgery. Having lived in the South for many years, Lisa quickly tired of the winter weather. She persuaded her mom to come stay with her in Tennessee while her arm was healing. They flew together to Tennessee where Lisa and her husband, Jim, took Lyn out for brunch. Whilst awaiting Mimosas, they read the newspaper. An article detailing a legal battle captured their attention; emotions and lawsuits ran high over the widening of a road that was very close to Lisa and Jims house. After listening to the article, Lyn said that sound like the beginning of a book Id like to read. Their protagonist, Mae December, was born in that instant. After Lyn went back to Michigan, the two women took turns writing chapters and emailing them back and forth. Two years into the process, they thought the book was done. They came up with their pen-name and got an agent, Dawn Dowdle, who made them rewrite almost everything, which took another year. Dawn marketed the book for a year before finding them a publisher and getting them a three book deal with Camel Press. Then came more rewrites and edits, as well as writing the second book in the Mae December Mystery series. Two Dogs lie Sleeping was turned in to the publisher on November 14th, the day before One Dog too Many was released. Lia Farrell needs a few days off, but shell begin work on the third book in the series soon, so stay tuned.

Mae December Mystery
   1. One Dog Too Many (2013)
   2. Two Dogs Lie Sleeping (2014)
   3. Three Dog Day (2014)
   4. Four Dog's Sake (2015)
   5. Five Dog Voodoo (2016)
   6. Six Dogs 'til Sunday (2017)

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