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aka Chris Fowler, LK Fox

Christopher Fowler was born in Greenwich, London. He was the multi award-winning author of many novels and short story collections, and the author of the Bryant & May mysteries. His first bestseller was 'Roofworld'. Subsequent novels include 'Spanky', 'Disturbia', 'Psychoville' and 'Calabash'. He spent 25 years working in the film industry.

His collection 'Red Gloves', 25 new stories of unease, marked his first 25 years of writing. His memoir 'Paperboy' won the Green Carnation Award, and was followed by a 2nd volume, 'Film Freak'. Other novels include the dark comedy-thriller 'Plastic' and the haunted house chiller 'Nyctophobia'.

He wrote comedy and drama for BBC radio, including Radio One's first broadcast drama in 2005. He had a weekly column called 'Invisible Ink' in the Independent on Sunday. His graphic novel for DC Comics was the critically acclaimed 'Menz Insana'. His short story 'The Master Builder' became a feature film entitled 'Through The Eyes Of A Killer', starring Tippi Hedren and Marg Helgenberger. Among his awards were the Edge Hill prize 2008 for 'Old Devil Moon', and the Last Laugh prize 2009 for 'The Victoria Vanishes'.

Christopher achieved several pathetic schoolboy fantasies, releasing a terrible Christmas pop single, becoming a male model, writing a stage show, posing as the villain in a Batman graphic novel, running a night club, appearing in the Pan Books of Horror, and standing in for James Bond.

His short stories have appeared in Best British Mysteries, The Time Out Book Of London Short Stories, The Best Of Dark Terrors, London Noir, Neon Lit, Cinema Macabre, the Mammoth Book of Horror and many others. After living in the USA and France he married and lived in London's King's Cross and Barcelona.

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
New Books
August 2023

Word Monkey
Bryant & May
   1. Full Dark House (2003)
   2. The Water Room (2004)
   3. Seventy-Seven Clocks (2005)
   4. Ten Second Staircase (2006)
   5. White Corridor (2007)
   6. The Victoria Vanishes (2008)
   7. On the Loose (2009)
   7.5. Bryant & May's Mystery Tour (2011)
   8. Off the Rails (2010)
   9. The Memory of Blood (2011)
   10. The Invisible Code (2012)
   10.5. The Casebook of Bryant May: The Soho Devil (2013)
   11. The Bleeding Heart (2014)
   11.5. Bryant & May and the Secret Santa (2015)
   12. The Burning Man (2015)
   12.5. London's Glory (2015)
   13. Strange Tide (2016)
   14. Wild Chamber (2017)
   15. Hall of Mirrors (2018)
   16. The Lonely Hour (2019)
   16.5. England's Finest (2019)
   17. Oranges and Lemons (2020)
   18. London Bridge is Falling Down (2021)
   18.5. Bryant & May's Peculiar London (2022)
   Roofworld (1988)
   Rune (1990)
   Red Bride (1992)
   Darkest Day (1993)
   Spanky (1994)
   Psychoville (1995)
   Disturbia (1997)
   Menz Insana (1997)
   Soho Black (1998)
   Calabash (2000)
   Plastic (2003)
   Breathe (2004)
   The Curse of Snakes (2010) (as by Chris Fowler)
   Hell Train (2011)
   Nyctophobia (2014)
   The Sand Men (2015)
   Hellion: The Curse of Snakes (2016)
   Little Boy Found (2017) (as by LK Fox)
   Hot Water (2022)
   The Foot on the Crown (2024)
thumbthumbthumbno image available
   The Bureau of Lost Souls (1984)
   City Jitters (1986)
   More City Jitters (1988)
   Flesh Wounds (1989)
   Sharper Knives (1992)
   Personal Demons (1998)
   Uncut (1999)
   The Devil in Me (2001)
   Demonized (2004)
   Old Devil Moon (2007)
   Crimewave 11: Ghosts (2010) (with others)
   Demonic Dreams (2012) (with Norman Partridge and Robert Shearman)
   Frightening (2017)
   Red Gloves (2017)
   Red Gloves, Volumes I & II (2017)
   Reports From the Deep End (2023) (with others)
Novellas and Short Stories
Non fiction
   Paperboy (2009)
   Invisible Ink (2012)
   Film Freak (2013)
   The Book of Forgotten Authors (2017)
   Word Monkey (2023)
Series contributed to
Anthologies containing stories by Christopher Fowler
Short stories
The Art Nouveau Fireplace (1989)
Box (1989)
The Bureau of Lost Souls [short story] (1989)
Deceiving the Lizards (1989)
Hot Air (1989)
Jumbo Portions (1989)
The Ladies' Man (1989)
Lost in Leicester Square (1989)
The Master Builder (1989)
Safe as Houses (1989)
Shadow Play (1989)
The Sun in the Sands (1989)
Evil Eye (1992)
Norman Wisdom and the Angel of Death (1992)
On Edge (1992)
Mother of the City (1993)
Night After Night of the Living Dead (1993)
The Laundry Imp (1994)
Brian Foot's Blaze of Glory (1995)
Century and a Second (1995)
Ginansia's Ravishment (1995)
Hated (1995)
Jouissance de la Mort (1995)
The Most Boring Woman in the World (1995)
Tales of Britannica Castle: I. Ginansia's Punishment (1995)
Tales of Britannica Castle: II. Leperdandy's Revenge (1995)
Unreliable History of Plaster City (1995)
The Young Executives (1995)
Armies of the Heart (1996)
Permanent Fixture (1996)
Unforgotten (1996)
Christmas Forever (1997)
Dracula's Library (1997)
The Grand Finale Hotel (1997)
Looking for Bolivar (1997)
The Man Who Wound a Thousand Clocks (1997)
Spanky's Back in Town (1997)
Wage Slaves (1997)
The Cages (1998)
Five Star (1998)
Inner Fire (1998)
Learning to Let Go (1998)
Midas Touch (1998)
Normal Life (1998)
Phoenix (1998)
Scratch (1998)
Still Life (1998)
At Home in the Pubs of Old London (2000)
The Beacon (2000)

British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : Psychoville
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1997) : Disturbia
British Fantasy Society Best Collection nominee (1998) : Personal Demons
British Fantasy Society Best Novel winner (2004) : Full Dark House
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (2005) : The Water Room
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (2006) : Seventy-Seven Clocks
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (2009) : The Victoria Vanishes
Dilys Awards Best Book nominee (2009) : The Victoria Vanishes

Christopher Fowler recommends
Something More Than Night (2021)
Kim Newman
"Kim Newman is the first to spot that between the worlds of Philip Marlowe and Frankenstein's monster is an LA-noir sweet spot where crime and horror overlap. His odd-couple pairing of Boris Karloff and Raymond Chandler is a genius crime-solving idea that pays off big time; hard-bitten, tender and a killer double bill for film lovers."
The Bloodless Boy (2021)
(Hunt and Hooke, book 1)
Robert J Lloyd
"It’s extremely difficult to pull off a historical crime novel that manages to be accurate enough, exciting enough and smart enough to satisfy as thoroughly as The Bloodless Boy, but Robert J. Lloyd makes it look easy."
The Book of Sand (2021)
Theo Clare
"A future classic that exists between darkness light. I was completely entranced by it."
Battle Beyond the Dolestars (2019)
(Battlestar Suburbia, book 2)
Chris McCrudden
"Forget alien invasion, in this explosive future you won't be able to trust your spin dryer."
Play Dead for Me (2018)
Too Close to Breathe

(Frankie Sheehan, book 1)
Olivia Kiernan
"Too Close To Breathe is the kind of police procedural we haven't seen for a long time; a female cop with a traumatic past racing about the mean streets of Dublin, a hanged victim with a strange clue and a dark secret . . . Olivia Kiernan has brought the serial killer thriller back with a vengeance."
Orchid Blue (2010)
(Blue, book 2)
Eoin McNamee
"McNamee works the line between crime and literature... Heartstopping, brilliant."

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