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R L Fanthorpe

(R Lionel Fanthorpe)
UK flag (1935 - )

aka Othello Baron, Erle Barton, Lee Barton, Thornton Bell, Leo Brett, Bron Fane, Mel Jay, Marston Johns, L P Kenton, Oben Lerteth, John E Muller, Elton T Neef, Phil Nobel, Peter O'Flinn, Lionel Roberts, Rene Rolant, Victor la Salle, Deutero Spartacus, Neil Thanet, Trebor Thorpe, Pel Torro, Olaf Trent, Karl Zeigfreid
Derl Wothor
1. The Black Lion (1979)
Faceless Planet (as by Leo Brett)
Five Faces of Fear (as by Trebor Thorpe)
March of the Robots (as by Leo Brett)
The Microscopic Ones (as by Leo Brett)
Dawn of the Half Gods (1953) (as by Victor la Salle)
     aka Space Void
The Seventh Dimension (1953) (as by Victor la Salle)
Menace from Mercury (1954) (as by Victor la Salle)
Twilight Zone (1954) (as by Victor la Salle)
Secret of the Snows (1957)
The Death Note (1958)
The Waiting World (1958)
Watchers of the Forest (1958)
Dawn of the Mutants (1959) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Destination Moon (1959) (as by L P Kenton)
Fiends (1959)
Space-Borne (1959)
Time Echo (1959) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Asteroid Man (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Blue Juggernaut (1960) (as by Bron Fane)
The Crawling Fiend (1960) (as by Bron Fane)
Cyclops in the Sky (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Doomed World (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Exit Humanity (1960) (as by Leo Brett)
The Face of X (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Hand of Doom (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Last Man on Earth (1960) (as by Bron Fane)
Lightning World (1960) (as by Trebor Thorpe)
Out of the Darkness (1960)
Out of the Darkness (1960) (as by Lionel Roberts)
U.F.O. 517 (1960) (as by Bron Fane)
Satellite (1960)
Black Infinity (1961) (as by Leo Brett)
Centurion's Vengeance (1961)
Flame Goddess (1961) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Flame Mass (1961)
The Golden Chalice (1961)
The Last Valkyrie (1961) (as by Lionel Roberts)
Rodent Mutation (1961) (as by Bron Fane)
The Synthetic Ones (1961) (as by Lionel Roberts)
The Venus Venture (1961) (as by Marston Johns)
Voodoo Hell Drums (1961) (as by Trebor Thorpe)
Beyond Time (1962) (as by Marston Johns)
Graveyard of the Damned (1962)
The Immortals (1962) (as by Leo Brett)
The Intruders (1962) (as by Bron Fane)
Orbit One (1962) (as by Mel Jay)
Storm God's Fury (1962) (as by Bron Fane)
They Never Come Back (1962) (as by Leo Brett)
The Thing from Sheol (1962) (as by Bron Fane)
The Alien Ones (1963) (as by Leo Brett)
The Face of Fear (1963) (as by Pel Torro)
From Realms Beyond (1963) (as by Leo Brett)
Negative Minus (1963)
Power Sphere (1963) (as by Leo Brett)
Roman Twilight (1963) (as by Olaf Trent)
Softly By Moonlight (1963) (as by Bron Fane)
The Strange Ones (1963) (as by Pel Torro)
Through the Barrier (1963) (as by Pel Torro)
Twilight Ancestor (1963)
The Unseen (1963) (as by Lee Barton)
Avenging Goddess (1964)
Beyond the Veil (1964) (as by Neil Thanet)
Chaos (1964) (as by Thornton Bell)
The Hand from Gehenna (1964) (as by Phil Nobel)
The Man who Came Back (1964) (as by Neil Thanet)
Nemesis (1964) (as by Bron Fane)
The Planet Seekers (1964) (as by Erle Barton)
The Shrouded Abbot (1964)
Space Trap (1964) (as by Thornton Bell)
Suspension (1964) (as by Bron Fane)
Unknown Destiny (1964) (as by Bron Fane)
The Walking Shadow (1964) (as by Bron Fane)
Call of the Wild (1965)
Force 97X (1965) (as by Pel Torro)
Neuron World (1965)
The Sealed Sarcophagus (1965)
Somewhere Out There (1965) (as by Bron Fane)
The Triple Man (1965)
Hyperspace (1966)
Legion of the Lost (1966) (as by Pel Torro)
The Shadow Man (1966) (as by Lee Barton)
Space Fury (1966)
The Unconfined (1966)
The Watching World (1966)
Frozen Planet (1967) (as by Pel Torro)
Alien From The Stars (1968)
Galaxy 666 (1968) (as by Pel Torro)
The In-World (1968) (as by Lionel Roberts)
The Return (1968) (as by Pel Torro)
     aka Exiled in Space
Formula 29X (1969) (as by Pel Torro)
     aka Beyond the Barrier of Space
Last Astronaut (1969) (as by Pel Torro)
Space No Barrier (1970) (as by Pel Torro)
     aka Man of Metal
Mind Force (1971) (as by Leo Brett)
The Macabre Ones (1973) (as by Bron Fane)
The Forbidden (2013) (as by Leo Brett)
Juggernaut (2013) (as by Bron Fane)
The Timeless Ones (2013) (as by Pel Torro)
World of the Gods (2013) (as by Pel Torro)




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