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J Jefferson Farjeon

(Joseph Jefferson Farjeon)
UK flag (1883 - 1955)

aka Anthony Swift

Joseph Jefferson Farjeon  was an English crime and mystery novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

Genres: Mystery
The Confusing Friendship (1924)
The Master Criminal (1924)
Little Things That Happen (1925)
Uninvited Guests (1925)
At the Green Dragon (1926)
     aka The Green Dragon
The Crook's Shadow (1927)
The House of Disappearance (1928)
More Little Happenings (1928)
Shadows by the Sea (1928)
Underground (1928)
     aka Mystery Underground
The 5:18 Mystery (1929)
The Appointed Date (1929)
The Person Called Z (1929)
Following Footsteps (1930)
The Mystery on the Moor (1930)
The Z Murders (1931)
The House Opposite (1931)
Trunk Call (1932)
     aka The Trunk Call Mystery
Dead Man's Heath (1933)
     aka The Mystery of Dead Man's Heath
The Mystery of the Creek (1933)
     aka The House on the Marsh
Old Man Mystery (1933)
Sometimes Life's Funny (1933)
Fancy Dress Ball (1934)
     aka Death in Fancy Dress
Sinister Inn (1934)
The Windmill Mystery (1934)
The Golden Singer (1935)
His Lady Secretary (1935)
Holiday Express (1935)
Mountain Mystery (1935)
The Adventure of Edward (1936)
Dangerous Beauty (1936)
Holiday at Half Mast (1937)
Yellow Devil (1937)
Mystery in White (1937)
The Compleat Smuggler (1938)
Dark Lady (1938)
End of An Author (1938)
     aka Death in the Inkwell
Thirteen Guests (1938)
Death in Fancy Dress (1939)
Exit John Horton (1939)
     aka Friday the 13th
Seven Dead (1939)
Aunt Sunday Sees It Through (1940)
     aka Aunt Sunday Takes Command
Room Number Six (1941)
The Third Victim (1941)
The Judge Sums Up (1942)
The House of Shadows (1943)
Murder at a Police Station (1943) (as by Anthony Swift)
Black Castle (1944)
Greenmask (1944)
November the Ninth at Kersea (1944) (as by Anthony Swift)
Interrupted Honeymoon (1945) (as by Anthony Swift)
Rona Runs Away (1945)
The Oval Table (1946)
Peril in the Pyrenees (1946)
Back To Victoria (1947)
The Works of Smith Minor (1947)
The Adventure at Eighty (1948)
Benelogues (1948)
Death of a World (1948)
The Llewellyn Jewel Mystery (1948)
Prelude To Crime (1948)
The Disappearances of Uncle David (1949)
The Impossible Guest (1949)
The Lone House Mystery (1949)
The Shadow of Thirteen (1949)
Cause Unknown (1950)
Change With Me (1950)
Mother Goes Gay (1950)
Adventure For Nine (1951)
The House Over the Tunnel (1951)
Mystery on Wheels (1951)
The Double Crime (1953)
Money Walks (1953)
The Mystery of the Map (1953)
Bob Hits the Headlines (1954)
Castle of Fear (1954)
The Caravan Adventure (1955)