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John Brunner

(John Kilian Houston Brunner)
UK flag (1934 - 1995)

aka K H Brunner, Henry Crosstrees Jr, Gill Hunt, John Loxmith, Trevor Staines, Keith Woodcott

The late John Brunner was perhaps as well known for much of his career in the US as in the UK. A leftwing activist, with particular connections to the peace movement, much of his best and most mature fiction is involved in a complex analysis of social trends and where they will take us--novels like Stand on Zanzibar which deals with overpopulation, among other things, and The Sheep Look Up, which is one of sf's most telling presentations of environmental degradation, are also technically innovative with their multiple viewpoint storylines, interspersed newspaper headlines and fragments of author characters' expository prose. The Shockwave Rider is more conventional in technique but was one of the first sf novels fully to understand the information technology revolution. Much of his early work for American publishers consisted of short, punchy space operas like The Altar on Asconel; these go down so smoothly, and show such mastery of genre tropes, that it is only in retrospect that the reader notices how suffused they are with a strong ethical content - these things do not have to be simplistic power fantasies for adolescents. A historical novel to which he gave much of his heart, The Great Steamboat Race, is delightful, and very hard to find.

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
The Brink (1959)
Catch a Falling Star (1959)
     aka The Hundredth Millennium
Echo in the Skull (1959)
     aka Give Warning to the World
The World Swappers (1959)
The Atlantic Abomination (1960)
Sanctuary in the Sky (1960)
The Skynappers (1960)
Slavers of Space (1960)
     aka Into the Slave Nebula
I Speak for Earth (1961) (as by Keith Woodcott)
Meeting at Infinity (1961)
The Ladder in the Sky (1962) (as by Keith Woodcott)
Listen! The Stars! (1962)
     aka The Stardroppers
Secret Agent of Terra (1962)
     aka The Avengers of Carrig
The Super Barbarians (1962)
Times without Number (1962)
The Astronauts Must Not Land (1963)
     aka More Things in Heaven
The Dreaming Earth (1963)
The Psionic Menace (1963) (as by Keith Woodcott)
The Rites of Ohe (1963)
The Crutch of Memory (1964)
Endless Shadow (1964)
     aka Manshape
To Conquer Chaos (1964)
The Whole Man (1964)
     aka Telepathist
The Day of the Star Cities (1965)
     aka Age of Miracles
Enigma from Tantalus (1965)
The Long Result (1965)
The Martian Sphinx (1965) (as by Keith Woodcott)
The Repairmen of Cyclops (1965)
The Squares of the City (1965)
Wear the Butchers' Medal (1965)
A Planet of Your Own (1966)
Born Under Mars (1967)
The Productions of Time (1967)
Quicksand (1967)
Bedlam Planet (1968)
Stand on Zanzibar (1968)
Black Is the Colour (1969)
Double, Double (1969)
The Incestuous Lovers (1969) (as by Henry Crosstrees Jr)
The Jagged Orbit (1969)
Timescoop (1969)
The Devil's Work (1970)
The Gaudy Shadows (1970)
The Wrong End of Time (1971)
The Dramaturges of Yan (1972)
The Sheep Look Up (1972)
The Stone That Never Came Down (1973)
Total Eclipse (1974)
Web of Everywhere (1974)
     aka Webs of Everywhere
The Shockwave Rider (1975)
The Infinitive of Go (1980)
Players at the Game of People (1980)
While There's Hope (1982)
The Great Steamboat Race (1983)
The Crucible of Time (1983)
The Tides of Time (1984)
The Shift Key (1987)
The Days of March (1988)
Children of the Thunder (1988)
A Maze of Stars (1991)
Muddle Earth (1993)
Threshold of Eternity - The Novel (2017) (with Damien Broderick)
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Anthologies containing stories by John Brunner
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Short stories
A Better Mousetrap
Coincidence Day
Eye of the Beholder
Fair Warning
Imprint of Chaos
In the Season of the Dressing of the Wells
Protect Me from My Friends
Round Trip
Some Lapse of Time
Thou Good and Faithful
Treason is a Two-Edged Sword
The Warp and the Woof-Woof
No Future in It [short story] (1955)
Fair (1956)
The Windows of Heaven (1956)
The Man from the Big Dark (1958)
All the Devils in Hell (1960)
Such Stuff (1962)
The Totally Rich (1963)
An Elixir for the Emperor (1964)
The Last Lonely Man (1964)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 1: Inexpensive Time Machines (1965)
Speech is Silver (1965)
Break the Door of Hell (1966)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 2: Automatic Twin-Tube Wishing Machines (1966)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 3: A Survey of the Membership (1967)
Judas (1967)
The Vitanuls (1967)
Dread Empire (1971)Hugo (nominee)
What Friends Are For (1974)
The Taste of the Dish and the Savor of the Day (1977)
The Suicide of Man (1978)
The Things That Are Gods (1979)
The Man Whose Eyes Beheld the Glory (1980)
The Fable of the Farmer and Fox (1987)
The Clerks of Domesday (1988)
Galactic Consumer Report No. 4 (1988)
The Man Who Saw the Thousand-Year Reich (1988)
Tracking with Close-Ups (21) and (23) (1988)
X-Hero (1988)
A Glimpse of Tomorrow (1989)
The Last Act in the Drama of World War II (1990)
Moths (1990)
The Pronounced Effect (1990)
Concerning the Forthcoming Inexpensive Paperback Translation of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred (1992)
They Take (1992)
Not All the Gay Pageants (1993)
Tantamount to Murder (1994)
Written Backwards (1994)
The Emperor Who Had Never Seen a Dragon (1995)
Real Messengers (1995)
The Drummer and the Skins (1996)
Thinkertoy (1996)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1965) : The Whole Man
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1966) : The Squares of the City
Hugo Best Novel winner (1969) : Stand on Zanzibar
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1969) : Stand on Zanzibar
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1970) : The Jagged Orbit
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1972) : Dread Empire
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1973) : The Sheep Look Up

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