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C. Gockel has been writing stories for her friends and family since the dark ages (i.e., before word processors existed.) A few years ago, she started posting those stories to the intertubes. She received emails, messages, and reviews from her fans telling her she should do this professionally. She didn't; because she is a coward and life as a digital designer, copywriter and coder is more dependable. But in the end, her husband's nagging wore her down: You could be the next 50 Shades of Gray and I could retire! Unfortunately, the author writes science fiction and fantasy, and isn't particularly good at writing erotica. She is sad about this; she'd love for her husband to be able to retire and just work for her so she could nag him.

Genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance
   Gods and Mortals Omnibus (2015) (with T G Ayer, S T Bende, Delsheree Gladden, Melissa Haag, Laura Howard, Karen Lynch, Becca Mills, Eva Pohler, Christine Pope, Kim Michele Richardson, Nancy Straight, Mary Ting and Ednah Walters)
   Urban Mythic (2016) (with C J Brightley, Meg Collett, Debra Dunbar, Helen Harper, Ron C Nieto, Eva Pohler, Christine Pope, Melissa Snark and Lola St Vil)
   Star Crossed Collection (2018) (with Lindsay Buroker, Pauline Baird Jones, Alexis Glynn Latner, Carol Van Natta, Christine Pope and Greta van der Rol)
   After Midnight (2019) (with Jennifer Blackstream, Pippa DaCosta, Yasmine Galenorn, Colleen Gleason, Kasey MacKenzie, Kat Parrish, Christine Pope, S M Reine and Nicole R Taylor)
   Call of Courage (2019) (with Deirdre Gould, Allen Kuzara, Amy J Murphy, M Pax, Chris Reher and Zachariah Wahrer)
   Shadow Magic (2020) (with Annie Bellet, Pippa DaCosta, Aimee Easterling, Dale Ivan Smith and Jenn Stark)