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Douglas Preston

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Brother of Richard Preston

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley. His first job was as an editor at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His stint at the museum resulted in his first nonfiction book, Dinosaurs in the Attic, as well as his first novel, Relic, co-authored with Lincoln Child, which was made into a movie by Paramount Pictures. Relic was followed by a string of other thrillers co-written with Child, many featuring eccentric FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast. Preston spends his free time riding horses in New Mexico and gunkholing around the Maine coast in an old lobster boat. He counts in his ancestry the poet Emily Dickinson, the newspaperman Horace Greeley, and the infamous murderer and opium addict Amasa Greenough.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery

Non fiction
Douglas Preston recommends
Neverland (1991)
Douglas Clegg
"Neverland is a masterpiece of dark suspense that will forever haunt your dreams."
Revelation (1998)
L Christian Balling
"High-tech thriller that explores the terrifying intersection of science, religion, and madness."
Phantom Nights (2005)
John Farris
"The T-Rex of thriller writers."
Sleeper Cell (2005)
Jeffrey Anderson
"An electrifying thriller about a biological attack on America."
Havoc (2005)
R J Pineiro
"Fascinating, stupendous, and terrifying."
Mark of the Lion (2006)
(Jade del Cameron Mystery, book 1)
Suzanne Arruda
"One of the most memorable mystery adventure stories I've read in a long time."
Germ (2006)
Robert Liparulo
"Robert Liparulo is a writer of immense talent!"
The Genesis Code (2007)
Christopher Forrest
"Starting with a truly extraordinary pretense, The Genesis Code launches the reader into a story of science and ancient mystery that will blow your mind. An autstanding debut."
The Reincarnationist (2007)
(Reincarnationist, book 1)
M J Rose
"One of the most original and exciting novels I've read in a long time, with a premise so delicious I'm sick with envy I didn't think of it myself."
Final Theory (2008)
(Final Theory, book 1)
Mark Alpert
"A deliciously explosive premise and a breakneck plot."
Critical Mass (2009)
Whitley Strieber
"Whitley Streiber's Critical Mass is one hell of a book--a frighteningly plausible conspiracy-thriller that is so real it sometimes feels like an expose. It conjures up a world that is terrifying in its technological plausibility--if not probability."
Bad Things Happen (2009)
(David Loogan, book 1)
Harry Dolan
"From the astringent first sentence - 'The shovel has to meet certain requirements' - Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan builds like a Midwestern thunderhead into an atmosphere of darkness, dread, and impending doom. It is a hypnotically readable novel, with richly wrought characters, a corkscrew plot, and dialog worthy of Elmore Leonard. What a breathtaking debut."
Genesis (2009)
Ken Shufeldt
"Reads like Left Behind on steroids."
Molly Fyde and the Land of Light (2009)
(Bern Saga, book 2)
Hugh Howey
"One of the most delightful characters in recent science fiction."
Silver (2010)
(Ogmios Team Adventure, book 1)
Steven Savile
"The mix of history, suspense, and action in Silver is a perfect combination for those DaVinci Code fans looking for another electrifying read combining Biblical history with modern-day Armageddon."
Hell's Horizon (2010)
(City Trilogy, book 2)
Darren Shan
"I loved it! Compelling... richly imagined... a frightening spiral of violence, mystery and murder."
Midnight Angels (2010)
Lorenzo Carcaterra
"Crackles with action... a riveting and ingenious read that will keep you turning the pages."
The Ocean Dark (2010)
Jack Rogan (Christopher Golden)
"A gale force 10 of a thriller, blending furious suspense with brilliantly speculative science. Wow."
Rogue Wave (2010)
Boyd Morrison
"A classic disaster novel... Top-notch suspense."
Spiral (2011)
Paul McEuen
"One of the best debut thrillers I've read in a long time."
The Fund (2011)
H T Narea
"A financial apocalyptic thriller full of surprises and insider knowledge. A terrific read!"
The Phoenix Apostles (2011)
(Seneca Hunt, book 1)
Joe Moore and Lynn Sholes
"Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore have created a knockout apocalyptic thriller with The Phoenix Apostles. An epic tale of gold, archaeology, mass murder, ancient prophecy and terrorism, it propels the reader at light speed from its opening chapters to its stunning climax. An outstanding read!"
Frail (2011)
(Resurgam Trilogy, book 2)
Joan Frances Turner
"Joan Frances Turner has done for zombies what Anne Rice did for vampires."
The Winslow Incident (2011)
Elizabeth Voss
"A strikingly original idea in an area where original ideas are few and far between."
Betrayal (2012)
Robert Fitzpatrick and Jon Land
"One of the best tales of crime and (non) punishment I've ever read."
Murder in Maui (2012)
(Leila Kahana Mystery, book 1)
R Barri Flowers
"A masterful thriller from a top criminologist."
The Cryptos Conundrum (2012)
Chase Brandon
"The conspiracy thriller of the century... a spellbinding novel."
The Trinity Game (2012)
(Daniel Byrne, book 1)
Sean Chercover
"The Trinity Game takes the reader on the wildest of rides, from a fabulous and truly diabolical premise to a shattering finale that will leave you gasping for breath. This is one hell of a good thriller."
Red Rain (2012)
R L Stine
"Real characters, crisp writing, and a wicked senseof humor. Keep this book, far, far away from your kids."
Deception (2013)
John M Floyd
"Floyd is a master of the art of the short story."
The Cure (2013)
Douglas E Richards
"This cutting edge science-based thriller will keep you turning the pages all night long."
Retribution (2014)
(Will Parker Thriller, book 2)
Anderson Harp
"Outstanding thriller with vivid characters, breakneck pacing, and suspense enough for even the most demanding reader. Harp writes with complete authenticity and a tremendous depth of military knowledge. A fantastic read—don’t miss it!"
Ark Storm (2014)
Linda Davies
"Plausible and terrifying. The writing is crisp, the pacing breakneck, and the characters are vivid. I highly recommend it."
Lock In (2014)
(Lock In, book 1)
John Scalzi
"This is the kind of thriller that Michael Crichton, Lincoln Child, and James Rollins do so well. Add John Scalzi to that list."
The Golden Hour (2014)
(Judd Riker, book 1)
Todd Moss
"Terror, violence, beauty, good and evil and everything in between. It is just about impossible to stop reading this book."
Night Life (2015)
(Michael Cassidy, book 1)
David C Taylor
"A heart-stopping bullet brain of a novel with action and atmosphere to burn."
Shadow Ritual (2015)
(Antoine Marcas)
Éric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne
"Phenomenal, I highly recommend this novel!."
Primordial (2015)
(Lilitu Trilogy, book 2)
Toby Tate
" exceptionally well-crafted sci-fi supernatural thriller!."
The Seventh Sun (2017)
(Dan Clifford, book 1)
Kent Lester
"The characters are real, the science is convincing and disturbing, and the pacing is excellent . . . A winner."
The Dark Lake (2017)
(Gemma Woodstock, book 1)
Sarah Bailey
"Beautifully written, compulsively, readable, and highly recommended."
The Anomaly (2018)
(Anomaly Files, book 1)
Michael Rutger
"A taut, take-no-prisoners thriller, lean and fast as an express train. Make no mistake: THE ANOMALY is the real deal."
Long Road to Mercy (2018)
(Atlee Pine, book 1)
David Baldacci
"An epic thriller-fast moving, beautifully imagined, and vividly set in the Grand Canyon and its environs. From the opening chapter to the final twist, this novel will absolutely transfix you. A stunning debut to what promises to be a great series. Agent Pine is a character for the ages."
Save Me from Dangerous Men (2019)
(Nikki Griffin, book 1)
S A Lelchuk
"Save Me from Dangerous Men is one of those rare thrillers that draws you in so relentlessly that you find yourself getting kicked out of bed and reading all night on the sofa. If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher or Lisbeth Salander, you are gonna love Nikki Griffin. This is an outstanding debut novel to what promises to be an exceptional series. Highly, highly recommended."
The Survival of Margaret Thomas (2019)
Del Howison
"This is one hell of a ride."
The Bones Remember (2020)
(Alexa Glock Mystery, book 2)
Sara E Johnson
"A page-turner par excellence."
A Solitude of Wolverines (2020)
(Alex Carter , book 1)
Alice Henderson
"A Solitude of Wolverines by Alice Henderson is a thriller with a heart, a riveting story of conspiracy, murder, and wilderness survival that will keep you turning the pages. Vivid characters, a pulse-pounding plot, a fascinating wildlife-conservation background, and beautifully realized settings make this an exceptional read. This is the first book in a series about wildlife biologist Alex Carter; I can't wait for the next one."
McGarvey (2020)
(Kirk McGarvey, book 25)
David Hagberg
"The grand master of the contemporary thriller."

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