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Douglas Preston

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Brother of Richard Preston

Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley. His first job was as an editor at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His stint at the museum resulted in his first nonfiction book, Dinosaurs in the Attic, as well as his first novel, Relic, co-authored with Lincoln Child, which was made into a movie by Paramount Pictures. Relic was followed by a string of other thrillers co-written with Child, many featuring eccentric FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast. Preston spends his free time riding horses in New Mexico and gunkholing around the Maine coast in an old lobster boat. He counts in his ancestry the poet Emily Dickinson, the newspaperman Horace Greeley, and the infamous murderer and opium addict Amasa Greenough.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Literary Fiction
New Books
December 2023

The Lost Tomb
Agent Pendergast (with Lincoln Child)
   1. The Relic (1995)
   2. Reliquary (1997)
   3. The Cabinet of Curiosities (2002)
   4. Still Life with Crows (2003)
   5. Brimstone (2004)
   6. Dance of Death (2005)
   7. The Book of the Dead (2006)
   8. The Wheel of Darkness (2007)
   9. Cemetery Dance (2009)
   10. Fever Dream (2010)
   11. Cold Vengeance (2011)
   12. Two Graves (2012)
   12.5. Extraction (2012)
   13. White Fire (2013)
   14. Blue Labyrinth (2014)
   15. Crimson Shore (2015)
   16. The Obsidian Chamber (2016)
   17. City of Endless Night (2018)
   18. Verses for the Dead (2018)
   19. Crooked River (2020)
   20. Bloodless (2021)
   Aloysius X. L. Pendergast: A Mysterious Profile (2022)
   21. The Cabinet of Dr. Leng (2023)
   22. Angel of Vengeance (2024)
Wyman Ford
   1. Tyrannosaur Canyon (2005)
   2. Blasphemy (2007)
   3. Impact (2010)
   4. The Kraken Project (2014)
Gideon Crew (with Lincoln Child)
   1. Gideon's Sword (2011)
   2. Gideon's Corpse (2012)
   3. The Lost Island (2014)
   4. Beyond the Ice Limit (2016)
   5. The Pharaoh Key (2018)
Nora Kelly (with Lincoln Child)
   1. Old Bones (2019)
   2. The Scorpion's Tail (2021)
   3. Diablo Mesa (2022)
   4. Dead Mountain (2023)
   Jennie (1994)
   Mount Dragon (1996) (with Lincoln Child)
   Riptide (1998) (with Lincoln Child)
   Thunderhead (1999) (with Lincoln Child)
   The Ice Limit (2000) (with Lincoln Child)
   The Codex (2003)
   Fourteen Days (2023) (with others)
   Extinction (2024)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Gaslighted (2014) (with Lincoln Child and R L Stine)
Non fiction
   Dinosaurs in the Attic (1986)
   Cities of Gold (1992)
   Talking to the Ground (1995)
   The Royal Road (1998) (with Jose Antonio Esquibel)
   The Monster of Florence (2008) (with Mario Spezi)
   Trial By Fury (2013)
   The Forgotten Killer (2014) (with John E Douglas)
   The Lost City of the Monkey God (2017)
   The Lost Tomb (2023)
Douglas Preston recommends
Deep Freeze (2024)
(Revival , book 1)
Michael C Grumley
"A propelling story that seizes the reader from the opening and doesn't let go until the last shocking sentence. John Reiff, revived from the dead, is given a second chance at life, only to realize that something is very, very wrong... and he embarks on a quest to find the truth. A truly gripping read--I highly recommend it."
The Puzzle Master (2023)
Danielle Trussoni
"The Puzzle Master is one of the most insanely compelling novels I've read in ages. This story has all the elements I love - dark histories, gothic settings, murder, vivid characters, and a twisty, unpredictable plot. I am normally a jaded reader, but I could not put down this book. . . . Highly, highly recommended."
Central Park West (2023)
James Comey
"Central Park West is a truly outstanding debut novel, a sophisticated and engaging legal thriller that grabs the reader from the opening scene and doesn't let go until the surprising ending. In between the author weaves an intricate and stylish story with vivid characters, playing out in a brilliant New York setting. Comey knows exactly how things work at the FBI and DOJ, and Central Park West opens a door into a fascinating and complex world of tradecraft, criminal investigation, political corruption, legal wrangling, and murder. I loved this book-highly, highly recommended!"
Going Zero (2023)
Anthony McCarten
"One of the best thrillers I've read in a long time. Beyond pure entertainment is the truth this novel speaks about the disturbing times we live in."
Wealth Management (2022)
Edward Zuckerman
"A pure joy to read with a wickedly clever plot, vivid characters, and a fabulously droll sense of humor that emerges even with the novel's deadpan title. If you are a fan of Leonard or Le Carre, you are going to love Zuckerman."
Project Namahana (2022)
John Teschner
"An enthralling tale of disappearances, deaths, dark secrets, and corporate evil. I loved it and highly recommend it!"

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