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Ashley Capes

Ashley is an Australian novelist, poet & teacher. He is the author of five novels and six poetry collections. 'City of Masks' is his debut novel and a sequel, 'The Lost Mask' was released in 2015. His latest is 'Crossings' - a supernatural thriller set in Australia.

Ashley occasionally dabbles in film, is addicted to 80s cartoon shows and Studio Ghibli films, and finds himself constantly awed by the simple beauty of haiku. He is also convinced that Magnum PI is one of the greatest TV shows ever.

Genres: Fantasy
   Sword & Magic (2019) (with Elizabeth Baxter, Demelza Carlton, Sam Ferguson, Victoria Goddard, Kyra Halland, Patty Jansen and Vincent Trigili)
   Old Stone & Between Giants (poems) (2015)
   Steampunk Fairy Tales II (2016) (with David T Allen, Leslie Allen, Leslie and David T Allen, H L Burke, Angela Castillo, Chris Champe, Daniel K Lind, Virginia Marybury, Eric A Schweitz, Kathy Steinemann and Heather White)
   VI (poems) (2017)
   Steampunk Fairy Tales Volume III (2017) (with David T Allen, Leslie Allen, Angela Castillo, Jamie Foley, Allison Latzko, Daniel K Lind, Virginia Marybury, Eric A Schweitz and Mia Urick)
   The Yellow Butterfly & Other Stories (2017)
   2006 - 2016: Selected Poems (poems) (2017)
   Tales of Ever After (2018) (with H L Burke, Arthur Daigle, D G Driver, Gretchen E K Engel, J M Hackman, Alex McGilvery, L Palmer, Annie Louise Twitchell and Kristen S Walker)