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Elizabeth Grayson

aka Elizabeth Kary, Karyn Witmer

Karyn/Elizabeth was published for the first time when she was in the fourth grade. She finished a historical novel at fifteen. After a successful career teaching art in elementary schools and at the St. Louis Art Museum, she began to dabble in writing again.Karyn/Elizabeth still enjoys teaching. She occasionally teaches a course on Popular Fiction at a local college, and is a frequent speaker at writers' conferences around the country.

Genres: Historical Romance
   Love, Honour and Betray (1986) (as by Elizabeth Kary)
   Let No Man Divide (1987) (as by Elizabeth Kary)
   From This Day Onward (1989) (as by Elizabeth Kary)
   Midnight Lace (1990) (as by Elizabeth Kary)
   Bride of the Wilderness (1995)
   Moon in the Water (2004)
   A Simple Gift (2005) (as by Karyn Witmer)