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Jonathan Wylie

(Mark and Julia Smith)
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aka Julia Gray

Jonathan is the pseudonym of Mark and Julia Smith, a married couple who live and work in Norfolk. Having met while they were both working for a major London publishing house, they sparked each other into creative life, and began writing as a team a few months after setting up home together. They have been writing full time since 1991.
The pen-name they have used most recently is Julia Gray, author of Ice Mage, Fire Music, Isle of the Dead and the popular 'Guardian' Cycle.
Island and Empire
1. Dark Fire (1993)
2. Echoes of Flame (1994)
3. The Last Augury (1994)
Ice Mage (as by Julia Gray)
1. Ice Mage (1998)
2. Fire Music (1999)
Guardian Cycle (as by Julia Gray)
1. The Dark Moon (2000)
2. The Jasper Forest (2001)
3. The Crystal Desert (2001)
4. The Red Glacier (2002)
5. Alyssa's Ring (2002)