J U Giesy

(John Ulrich Giesy)
USA flag (1877 - 1947)

John Ulrich Giesy (1877-1947), who also wrote under the pseudonym Charles Dustin, was an American physician, novelist and author. A medical graduate of Starling Medical College in Columbus, Ohio, he began to contribute stories to the Western Monthly in 1910. He wrote prolifically, being published in many of the magazines of the day. His first major work was The Occult Detector (1912) written with Junius B. Smith whom he collaborated with on many other works.

Genres: Mystery
Jason Croft
1. Palos of the Dog Star Pack (1918) (with Junius B Smith)
2. Mouthpiece of Zitu (1919)
3. Jason, Son of Jason (1921)
The Jason Croft Trilogy (omnibus) (2009) (with Junius B Smith)
The Occult Detector (1912) (with Junius B Smith)
The Purple Light (1912) (with Junius B Smith)
The Blue Bomb (1913)
The House of the Ego (1913) (with Junius B Smith)
Rubies of Doom (1913) (with Junius B Smith)
The Miracle (1914)
All for His Country (1915)
Ebb-Tide (1915)
The House of the Hawk (1915)
Maurine (1915)
The Web of Destiny (1915) (with Junius B Smith)
A Bit of All Right (1917) (with Junius B Smith)
The House in the Mist (1917) (with Octavus Roy Cohen)
The Other Woman (1917) (with Roy Octavus Cohen)
The Compass in the Sky (1917) (with Junius B Smith)
The Black Butterfly (1918) (with Junius B Smith)
Mimi (1918)
Stars of Evil (1919) (with Junius B Smith)
The House of the Hundred Lights (1920) (with Junius B Smith)
Out of a Clear Sky (1921)
Wolf of Erlik (1921) (with Junius B Smith)
A Comedy of Terrors (1922) (with Octavus Roy Cohen)
The Opposing Venus (1923) (with Junius B Smith)
The House of Invisible Bondage (1926) (with Junius B Smith)
The Mystery Woman (1929) (with Junius B Smith)
The Green Goddess (1931) (with Junius B Smith)
Anthologies containing stories by J U Giesy
Short stories
Ashes of Circumstance (1925)