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Thomas Gifford

USA flag (1937 - 2000)

aka Dana Clarins, Thomas Maxwell

Thomas Eugene Gifford was a best-selling American author of thriller novels. He gained international fame with the suspense novel The Wind Chill Factor and later with the Vatican-based thriller The Assassini.After graduating from Harvard he moved to the Twin Cities, MN where he and his wife, Kari Sandven, had two children (Thomas Eaton, Rachel Claire). Divorced in 1969, he went on to marry Camille D'Ambrose, a local actress. They moved to Los Angeles for a few years, then returned to Orono, MN. Novels continued to flow from his fountain pen through the years. Gifford eventually moved to New York--a city he loved whose people were of infinite importance to him. Gifford lived life large, had friends throughout the world, and lived life by his favorite credo--we're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time.Gifford also published under the names Dana Clarins and Thomas Maxwell.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery
Lew Cassidy (as by Thomas Maxwell)
   1. Kiss Me Once (1986)
   2. Kiss Me Twice (1988)
   The Cavanaugh Quest (1976)
   Man from Lisbon (1977)
   The Glendower Legacy (1978)
   Hollywood Gothic (1979)
   Woman in the Window (1984) (as by Dana Clarins)
   Guilty Parties (1985) (as by Dana Clarins)
   The Woman Who Knew Too Much (1986) (as by Dana Clarins)
   The Saberdene Variations (1987) (as by Thomas Maxwell)
   The Suspense Is Killing Me (1990) (as by Thomas Maxwell)
   Praetorian (1993)

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