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K. M. GRANT was inspired by her own family history to write How the Hangman Lost His Heart. Her ancestor, Colonel Francis Towneley, or Uncle Frank, was the last man in Britain to by hanged, drawn, and quartered. His head was passed down for generations of her family until it was finally reunited with his body just after World War II, when it was buried at St. Peter's Church. It was Uncle Frank's colorful legacy that showed her how exciting history could be. K. M. Grant is also the author of the de Granville Trilogy. She lives in Scotland and works as a broadcaster and journalist.
de Granville Trilogy
1. A Blood Red Horse (2004)
2. Green Jasper (2005)
3. Blaze of Silver (2007)
Perfect Fire Trilogy
1. Blue Flame (2008)
2. White Heat (2008)
3. Paradise Red (2009)