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Vanessa Grant's love affair with writing fiction began during a protractedillness at the age of 12 when she decided to write a novel of her own,sitting up in bed using the typewriter she'd been given for her birthday.Not a computer, not an electric typewriter, but a then-state-of-the-artmanual typewriter. The story ground to a halt on page 50 but Vanessa neverforgot the excitement of bringing her own characters to life.

In 1985 Vanessa's novel Pacific Disturbance was published in hardcover byMills and Boon. She now has over 10 million books sold and has beentranslated into 15 languages. She also has written what one criticdescribed as, "by far the best writing book I've ever read." WritingRomance, published by Self Counsel Press, won the Under the Covers BestWriting Book Award, and is currently in its third edition.

Over the years her love of storytelling and curiosity about people ledVanessa to study psychology, volunteer on a crisis line, completeindividual and relationship counselor training, volunteer as a peercounselor for a family life organization, and tell stories about life,love, and secrets. Vanessa is also a university professor, a publisher ofeducational materials and eBooks, and has given workshops to writers'groups in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

Vanessa and her husband live on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwestwith their two Australian Shepherd dogs.

Genres: Romance
   It Happens at Midnight (2012) (with Bonnie Edwards, E C Sheedy, Laura Tobias and Gail Whitiker)