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Lamar Giles grew up in a small, riverfront city in Virginia called Hopewell.  It is a diverse community known for its busy ports.  Like most towns in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Hopewell is highly decorated with American history.  Mr. Giles later moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, another city rich with history and natural wonders, where he currently resides with his wife. 

Lamar Giles recommends
Prettyboy Must Die (2018)
Kimberly Reid
"Say hello to your next favorite action hero!."
#MurderTrending (2018)
(#MurderTrending, book 1)
Gretchen McNeil
"#MURDERTRENDING is a slick, sharp, darkly comedic thrill ride. #AMustRead."
Maya and the Rising Dark (2020)
(Maya and the Rising Dark, book 1)
Rena Barron
"Maya is the kind of hero the whole world needs. If you're dwelling into the dark you couldn't ask for a better protector (or a better read)!"
Love Is a Revolution (2021)
Renée Watson
"Renée Watson writes timeless fiction; Love Is A Revolution is more evidence of that indisputable fact. Nala's voice speaks to the heart's gentlest desires, and her journey is not just one readers will recognize, but one they've likely lived, or are currently living. Either way, Watson is a deft navigator who never loses her way."
Muted (2021)
Tami Charles
"A captivating and unflinching view into the dark corners of the music industry where souls are crushed in the silence between songs."

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