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Kim Newman

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aka Jack Yeovil

An expert on horror and sci-fi cinema (his books of film criticism include Nightmare Movies and Millennium Movies), Kim Newman's novels draw promiscuously on the tropes of horror, sci-fi and fantasy. He is complexly and irreverently referential; the Dracula sequence--Anno Dracula, The Bloody Red Baron and Dracula,Cha Cha Cha--not only portrays an alternate world in which the Count conquers Victorian Britain for a while, is the mastermind behind Germany's air aces in World War One and survives into a jetset 1950s of paparazzi and La Dolce Vita, but does so with endless throwaway references that range from Kipling to James Bond, from Edgar Allen Poe to Patricia Highsmith. In horror novels such as Bad Dreams and Jago, reality turns out to be endlessly subverted by the powerfully malign. His pseudonymous novels, as Jack Yeovil, play elegant games with genre cliche--perhaps the best of these is the sword-and-sorcery novel Drachenfels which takes the prescribed formulae of the games company to whose bible it was written and make them over entirely into a Kim Newman novel. Life's Lottery, his most mainstream novel, consists of multiple choice fragments which enable readers to choose the hero's fate and take him into horror, crime and sf storylines or into mundane reality.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Historical Mystery, Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
Anno Dracula
   1. Anno Dracula (1992)
   2. The Bloody Red Baron (1995)
   3. Dracula Cha Cha Cha (1998)
     aka Judgment of Tears
   4. Johnny Alucard (2013)
   Anno Dracula 1899 (2017)
   5. One Thousand Monsters (2017)
   6. Daikaiju (2019)
   The Night Mayor (1989)
   Bad Dreams (1990)
   Jago (1991)
   The Quorum (1994)
   Back in the USSA (1997) (with Eugene Byrne)
   Andy Warhol's Dracula (1998)
   Life's Lottery (1999)
   Seven Stars (2000)
   The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (2011)
   Cat People (2013)
   An English Ghost Story (2014)
   Quatermass and the Pit (2014)
   Bad Dream (2016)
   Angels of Music (2016)
   Something More Than Night (2021)
   The Original Dr Shade (1994)
   Famous Monsters (1995)
   Unforgivable Stories (2000)
   Binary 2 (2000) (with Michael Marshall Smith)
   Dead Travel Fast (2005)
Novellas and Short Stories
Anthologies edited
   In Dreams (1986) (with Paul McAuley)
Series contributed to
Non fiction show
Kim Newman recommends
The Pale House Devil (2023)
Richard Kadrey
"Hardboiled hit-men and haunted house horrors - makes for a fast-read pulp treat."
Verge (2023)
Nadia Attia
"An enthralling trip through a changed British landscape, funny and ominous by turns, digging deep into folk beliefs and the power of curses and blessings."
The Final Girl Support Group (2021)
Grady Hendrix
"A (bloody) valentine to the slasher franchises of the VHS era, but also a smart novel about survivor guilt and the concept of the enduring heroine."

More recommendations 

Anthologies containing stories by Kim Newman
Black is the Night (2022)
Stories Inspired by Cornell Woolrich
edited by
Maxim Jakubowski
Classic Monsters Unleashed (2022)
(Unleashed , book 1)
edited by
James Aquilone
The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror (2021)
Evil Lives on in the Land!
(The Mammoth Book of ...)
edited by
Stephen Jones

More anthologies 

World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1993) : Anno Dracula
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : The Bloody Red Baron
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1995) : The Quorum
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1995) : Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright...
British Fantasy Society Best Novel nominee (1996) : The Bloody Red Baron
Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1998) : Coppola's Dracula
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1998) : Coppola's Dracula
British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : Andy Warhol's Dracula [short story]
British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : Une etrange aventure de Richard Blaine
British Fantasy Society Best Collection winner (2001) : Where the Bodies Are Buried
James Herbert Award for Horror Writing Best Book nominee (2015) : An English Ghost Story

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