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Kathleen Glasgow is the author of the New York Times best-selling novel, Girl in Pieces. She lives in Tucson, Arizona and writes for The Writer's Almanac. Girl in Pieces has been named to "best of" lists by Goop, TeenVogue, BN Teen, Refinery29, EW.com, and more. She liked Tyrion and Shireen, chocolate, cheesecake, her imaginary boyfriend Rick Grimes, and swimming at night.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Romance

Kathleen Glasgow recommends
Teach Me to Forget (2016)
Erica M Chapman
"A beautifully crafted, dark, and heartbreaking look at depression and suicide. Ellery's story is needed and necessary; Chapman is a writer to watch."
Sad Perfect (2017)
Stephanie Elliot
"Girls, and boys, will be reading this elegant and sad book for years to come."
Aftercare Instructions (2017)
Bonnie Pipkin
"An illuminating, beautiful portrait."
The Rattled Bones (2017)
S M Parker
"An electrifying, taut tale of the sea, grief, and memory that will take your breath away. You will not soon forget Rilla Brae, Malaga Island, or S.M. Parker's gorgeous, scary story. Keep the lights on."
The Last to Let Go (2018)
Amber Smith
"The Last to Let Go is a deeply touching, heart-rending look at lives caught in the trap of domestic violence. I can’t recommend this book highly enough."
Tradition (2018)
Brendan Kiely
"A stunning, timely, and deeply poignant novel...this year's must read."
The Cheerleaders (2018)
Kara Thomas
"A crafty, dark, and disturbing story."
The Looking Glass (2018)
Janet McNally
"Janet McNally’s The Looking Glass is gossamer woven with gold and glass: a fairytale of a novel rooted in the heart of real life. An absolute beauty of a read."
Last Girls (2019)
Demetra Brodsky
"A riveting, pulse-pounding story about family, love, and what happens when the end of the world turns out to be the beginning. I loved the fierce, funny, and fantastic Juniper sisters."
The Lucky Ones (2019)
Liz Lawson
"A harrowing and beautifully told story about how far the tentacles of tragedy can reach. May's story of grief, survival, and reckoning is tenderly and honestly explored. A simply stunning debut."
The Art of Losing (2019)
Lizzy Mason
"A brave and beautiful story about sisters, addiction, and finding your place in the world-a book that belongs on every shelf."
A Danger to Herself and Others (2019)
Alyssa Sheinmel
"A compelling and beautifully told story."
Hope and Other Punchlines (2019)
Julie Buxbaum
"A luminous, lovely story about a girl who builds a future from the ashes of her past."
Every Other Weekend (2020)
Abigail Johnson
"A poignant, painful, and stirring story about two kids trying to navigate divorce, first love, and finding your dreams."
What I Carry (2020)
Jennifer Longo
"A deeply touching story about survival, hope, and love."
More Than Maybe (2020)
Erin Hahn
"Like your favorite song, More Than Maybe burrows inside your heart and stays there. Vada and Luke's story of music, family, and first love will shoot to the top of your book playlist. A rich, sweet, rock and roll ride."
Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf (2020)
Hayley Krischer
"A powerful, nuanced, and stunning debut about rape culture and survival that will haunt you long after you close the book. Ali Greenleaf's story is complex and beautifully told; full of fury, heartbreak, and hope."
The Truth Project (2020)
Dante Medema
"A luminous and lovely novel-in-verse about family, identity, and finding your truth. Cordelia's heart-wrenching quest will captivate readers."
Some Other Now (2021)
Sarah Everett
"A gorgeous and lyrical novel about love, loss, family, and the ties that bind us. Every moment of Jessi's poignant story stole my heart."
American Betiya (2021)
Anuradha D Rajurkar
"American Betiya thoughtfully examines cross-cultural boundaries, first love, the first steps of independence from family, and the power of art to transform and heal. I loved Rani's fierce, heartfelt, and beautifully told journey."
The Forest of Stolen Girls (2021)
June Hur
"Rich, exquisite, and deeply atmospheric, The Forest of Stolen Girls draws the reader in from the very first page and doesn't let go. A dark and utterly engrossing mystery, beautifully drawn from start to finish."
Where the Road Leads Us (2021)
Robin Reul
"Jack and Hallie hit the road in a quest to confront heartbreak, fear, and grief in this wild, sad, and hopeful novel. Robin Reul tackles tough topics with a nuanced, often hilarious, touch. This is a road trip novel of the best sort, the kind that asks, 'What shall I do with the rest of my life?' As Jack and Hallie discover, the answer is, 'Live it.' A lovely, compassionate, and compulsive read."
Off the Record (2021)
Camryn Garrett
"A powerful, compulsive story of #metoo, speaking up, speaking out, and confronting injustice. Garrett's book is a timely, brave, and much needed story."
Eat Your Heart Out (2021)
Kelly DeVos
"A thrilling joyride that delights in upending tropes and stars a girl with a heart of gold (and steel), Eat Your Heart Out is the zombie book you've been waiting for. Equal parts hilarity, mayhem, heartbreak, and biting wit, and filled with memorable characters to root for, this book is the perfect summer read."
Smoke (2021)
Darcy Woods
"A complicated and artfully nuanced look at the lengths we’ll go to for the people we love, Smoke is a page-turner full of heart and hope, not to be missed."
When All the Girls Are Sleeping (2021)
Emily Arsenault
"A moody, haunting, and pristinely plotted mystery with enough eerie twists, turns, and gasps to keep you up at night."
When We Were Strangers (2021)
Alex Richards
"When We Were Strangers is an exquisitely told story of grief, growing up, and the glorious complexities of love and life. A lovely portrait of the artist as a young person, learning to zoom in on her main subject: the truth of her life and what to do with it."
Maybe We're Electric (2021)
Val Emmich
"A poignant, gemlike novel about grief, regret, and loneliness. Tegan's story is emotionally vivid, poetically crafted, and utterly moving."
The Words We Keep (2022)
Erin Stewart
"A gorgeous and deeply touching rumination on the power of art, this book is for anyone who has lost their words and lost their way. The Words We Keep is a tender, heartfelt, and realistic look at mental illness, familial love, and finding your voice."
The Counselors (2022)
Jessica Goodman
"A nervy, intense, and expertly crafted thriller that kept me hooked page after page. Dark secrets? Summer camp setting? Complex teen girls? Murder? Count me in. A simply stunning book."
Practice Girl (2022)
Estelle Laure
"A powerful, poignant story about a girl rewriting her story on her own terms. Jo Beckett's journey of sexual and emotional agency is at once tender, painful, hilarious, and courageous."
Never Coming Home (2022)
Kate Williams
"A perfect blend of mystery and social satire, Never Coming Home is your next literary obsession. Read it first for the fun, and then again and again for the deliciously murderous clues."

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