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Rivka Galchen recommends
A Separation (2017)
Katie Kitamura
"This novel is a wonder and a pleasure."
The Night Ocean (2017)
Paul La Farge
"It has been years since I read a novel with so much joy, impatience and awe."
One of the Boys (2017)
Daniel Magariel
"Daniel Magariel's absolutely brilliant and beautiful novel is that rarest thing: an incredibly mature book about kids. Not since I read Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping have I felt so at once in the presence of the magic-logic terrors of childhood and the too real and consequential realms of adults."
Heart-Breaker (2018)
Claudia Dey
"Heartbreaker makes high and hilarious art from the emotional Pop Rocks and glittery junk of a certain way of being young. And vulnerable. Also, it has one of the most awesome dogs in literature. . . . A thrillingly original, wholly spellbinding, and luminous novel."
The Falconer (2019)
Dana Czapnik
"Told with a poet's ear and a basketball player's eye and reflexes, The Falconer is an extraordinary book. Czapnik is refreshingly honest and open-eyed about the way money, gender and the demands of the body steer the overwhelming longings and frustrations of being a young woman growing up in the city. Every detail feels true and important, every small observation tells a larger story. A wonderful new talent."
The Margot Affair (2020)
Sanaë Lemoine
"Powerful and affecting . . . truly exceptional."
Inheritors (2020)
Asako Serizawa
"These stories by Asako Serizawa are tremendous, intimate, startling and essential; they show us how the past is so often the most powerful force in what we idly call the present."
My Heart (2021)
Semezdin Mehmedinović
"Readers will discover that Mehmedinovoic's powerfully affecting and honest tale of the dizzy perimeter of mortality is also the oldest and best kind of story: one of love."
The Scapegoat (2021)
Sara Davis
"Sara Davis's The Scapegoat is ingenious, suspenseful, wise, sad, sometimes very frightening, and often very funny, too. The novel gets at the terrifyingly convincing lies (or stories) that we tell ourselves, inevitably about that which we most need to know. The Scapegoat made me fall in love again with the form of the novel!"
Monkey Boy (2021)
Francisco Goldman
"Francisco Goldman, one of our most brilliant political writers, is also, miraculously, a Chekhov of the heart. This novel is wild, funny, and wrenching, as well as a profound act of retrieval and transformation."
Everything Abridged (2022)
Dennard Dayle
"Funnier and smarter than pretty much everything else you've read in your lifetime."
The Rabbit Hutch (2022)
Tess Gunty
"The Rabbit Hutch is philosophical, and earthy, and tender and also simply very fun to read - Tess Gunty is a distinctive talent, with a generous and gently brilliant mind."

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