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Dave Eggers

USA flag (b.1970)
Husband of Vendela Vida

Dave Eggers, author of the phenomenal bestseller A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and editor of McSweeney's, is inaugural guest editor. He is the founder of 826 Valencia, a San Francisco writing lab for city youth.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Children's Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

   1. The Circle (2013)
   2. The Every (2021)
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National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (2012) : A Hologram for the King
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2014) : The Circle
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards Best Book nominee (2016) : Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

Dave Eggers recommends
Sam the Cat (2000)
Matthew Klam
"His stories... pierce and leap, are always bitingly funny, and are so, so alive... Klam is telling the truth while almost no one else is."
Red Ant House (2001)
Ann Cummins
"I devour anything Ann Cummins does, she's as good as we have."
Dear Mr. President (2002)
Gabe Hudson
"Beyond their great narrative propulsion and their astonishing but always balanced surreality and humor, Gabe Hudson's stories have a crucial and rare thing: soul. He's an important writer."
Things You Should Know (2002)
A M Homes
"Insanely good... huge meaty stories."
The Seas (2004)
Samantha Hunt
"One of the most distinctive and unforgettable voices I have read in years. This book will linger . . . in your head for a good long time."
No One Belongs Here More Than You (2007)
Miranda July
"Incredibly charming, beautifully written, frequently laugh-out-loud funny."
Travel Writing (2008)
Peter Ferry
"Totally captivating and page-turning on one level, completely soulful and honest on another level, beautifully written."
Look at the Birdie (2009)
Kurt Vonnegut Jr
"Relentlessly fun to read."
Memory Wall (2010)
Anthony Doerr
"Doerr has set a new standard for what a story can do."
Luminarium (2011)
Alex Shakar
"Luminarium is dizzyingly smart and provocative, exploring as it does the state of the present, of technology, of what is real and what is ephemeral. But the thing that separates Luminarium from other books that discuss avatars, virtual reality and the like is that Alex Shakar is committed throughout with trying, relentlessly, to flat-out explain the meaning of life. This book is funny, and soulful, and very sad, but so intellectually invigorating that you'll want to read it twice."
Jack Holmes and His Friend (2012)
Edmund White
"Edmund White is one of the three or four most virtuosic living writers of sentences in the English language."
This Is the Water (2014)
Yannick Murphy
"Yannick Murphy, while being one of our most daring and original writers, is first and foremost an exquisitely attuned observer of human behavior. . . . Murphy’s work provides pretty much unexceeded reading pleasure."
Things We Lost in the Fire (2017)
Mariana Enríquez
"Mariana Enriquez is a mesmerizing writer who demands to be read."
The Hate Race (2017)
Maxine Beneba Clarke
"A powerful and fearless storyteller."
Modern Gods (2017)
Nick Laird
"In Modern Gods, Nick Laird takes two experiences poles apart and unites them in gorgeous language, with the same fierce tenderness as he employs in his poetry. It’s about families, tribes, peoples - and if you’re a member of any of those you’ll find a home both strange and familiar in this story."
The House of Broken Angels (2018)
Luis Alberto Urrea
"One of the most vivid and engrossing family epics of the last twenty years."
Black Nowhere (2019)
(Lisa Tanchik, book 1)
Reece Hirsch
"Black Nowhere is an extremely unsettling thriller that haunted me for weeks. It’s a shrewd critique of Silicon Valley startup culture, a brisk FBI procedural, and a chilling look at a very modern form of amorality."
Heaven and Earth (2020)
Paolo Giordano
"This is at once a lush picture of growing up in the Italian countryside, a highly original exploration of Christianity and the transmigration of souls, and a deeply affecting story of friendships under the strain of time and tragedy. Giordano’s best book yet."
The Book of Form and Emptiness (2021)
Ruth Ozeki
"This is both an extremely vivid picture of a small family enduring unimaginable loss, and a very powerful meditation on the way books can contain the chaos of the world and give it meaning and order. Annabelle and Benny Oh try to stay afloat in a sea of things, news, substances, technological soullessness, and psychiatric quagmires, and the way they learn to live and breathe and even swim through it all feels like the struggle we all face. The Book of Form and Emptiness builds on the themes of A Tale for the Time Being, and ratifies Ozeki as one of our era’s most compassionate and original minds."
The Teller of Secrets (2021)
Bisi Adjapon
"Bisi Adjapon writes with incredible vividness and clarity. Her similes and attention to all of the senses are really extraordinary."
Time Shelter (2022)
Georgi Gospodinov
"Gospodinov is one of Europe's most fascinating and irreplaceable novelists, and this his most expansive, soulful and mind-bending book."
Nightcrawling (2022)
Leila Mottley
"Leila Mottley has a poet's delicate touch when she tells us the most brutal, heart-crushing truths. This is an electrifying debut."

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