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Claudia Dey is a Canadian writer. She was born in Toronto, Ontario. She studied English Literature at McGill University and playwriting at the National Theatre School of Canada, where she graduated in 1997.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Claudia Dey recommends
Foe (2018)
Iain Reid
"Spare, consuming, unforgettable. Foe is a dark arrow from a truly original mind. Page by eerie page, Iain Reid pulls the known world out from under you, and leaves you trapped inside a marriage’s most haunting question: can I be replaced? This is a book that seeps into your bloodstream––and crowns Iain Reid the king of deadpan, philosophical horror."
Sad Janet (2020)
Lucie Britsch
"Sad Janet is a tragicomic riot of a book—charging, foul-mouthed and tender, across the modern condition. It is an hysterically funny and slyly moving defense for feeling all there is to feel in a medicated world. Lucie Britsch's outcast heroine, Janet, is the dog-whispering, post-Goth cousin to Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag. Terrifying, glorious, and one for the ages."
The Captive (2021)
Fiona King Foster
"The Captive is a wonder, a wild horse in the sure and steady hands of the brilliant Fiona King Foster. Electrifying and otherworldly, The Captive gives us a new feminist heroine, an Offred traversing Cormac McCarthy’s hazardous dreamscapes. Through the ingenious and fierce-hearted Brooke Holland, King takes us to the very sheer edge of survival, love and loyalty. This debut novel reads like a lightning storm, and then it stays with you, leaving a profound impression—ghostly, gorgeous and moving."

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