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RODGE GLASS was born in 1978 and is originally from Cheshire, though he has now been in Scotland since 1997, and since then most of his family have scattered all over the globe.Since September 2008 Rodge has been the Writer in Residence at Strathclyde University, where he was an undergraduate between 1997 and 2001. He has also been teaching Creative Writing on the Undergraduate course which is also taught by the novelist Louise Welsh, playwright Tim Fountain and poet David Kinloch.
   The Storey's Story (2004) (with Jacob Polley and Gael Turnbull)
   Lovesextravelmusik (2013)
Graphic Novels
Anthologies edited
   The Year of Open Doors (2010)
   Second Lives (2012) (with Jane Bernstein)
   Head Land (2016)
Non fiction
Rodge Glass recommends
Scabby Queen (2020)
Kirstin Innes
"A hugely ambitious novel that fulfils the promise of Kirstin Innes' debut Fishnet and then some. You won't forget Clio Campbell, but Scabby Queen's punch also comes from the sophisticated, nuanced way Innes undermines simplistic biographical takes … Full of heart and dirt, fire and fury, Scabby Queen positively crackles with tension and drama throughout."