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Brendan DuBois is an award-winning author of short stories and novels. His short fiction has appeared in various publications including Playboy and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, as well as numerous anthologies. He has twice received a Shamus Award for his short fiction and has been nominated for three Edgar Awards. DuBois lives in New Hampshire with his wife Mona.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction

Lewis Cole
   1. Dead Sand (1994)
   2. Black Tide (1995)
   3. The Shattered Shell (1999)
   4. Killer Waves (2002)
   5. Buried Dreams (2004)
   6. Primary Storm (2006)
   7. Deadly Cove (2011)
   8. Fatal Harbor (2014)
   9. Blood Foam (2015)
   10. Storm Cell (2016)
   11. Hard Aground (2018)
Out of Sight (with James Patterson)
   1. The Cornwalls Are Gone (2019)
     aka Out of Sight / The Cornwalls Vanish
   2. Countdown (2023)
Black Cat Weekly Mystery
   Obsession (2022)
Brendan DuBois recommends
Brain Storm (2016)
(Death Investigator Angela Richman, book 1)
Elaine Viets
"In her thrilling new series debut, Brain Storm, Elaine Viets calls upon her own challenging life experience in introducing Angela Richman, a death investigator working for upper-class Chouteau County in Missouri. Like Viets, Angela suffered a series of strokes and this death investigator is now struggling—in the midst of her recovery—to investigate a homicide that put her lifesaving neurosurgeon Dr. Jeb Travis Tritt in jail. Crisply written, with deft characterizations and action, Viets tells a tale that only she could have written."
The Big Get-Even (2018)
(Glen and Stan, book 1)
Paul Di Filippo
"Paul Di Filippo expertly spins a tale of revenge, betrayal, and a fight for salvation."
True Fiction (2018)
(Ian Ludlow, book 1)
Lee Goldberg
"The story of an innocent man caught in a deadly conspiracy has been told before, but Lee Goldberg takes it a step further in this rollicking, sometimes humorous, always deadly True Fiction. Highly recommended."
Killing Icarus (2021)
Paul Kemprecos
"It takes a writer of skills and talent to weave an impressive mystery involving Nazis, a famed American artist of the 1930's and 1940's, stolen artwork, a historical glider reenactment, and so much more, but Paul Kemprecos pulls it off with skill and panache. Killing Icarus is a stirring tale of secrets and betrayals, of old history coming to life, but more importantly, it's a love letter to the beauty and past of Cape Cod. Highly recommended."
Beat the Devils (2022)
(Morris Baker, book 1)
Josh Weiss
"Thrillers involving the 1950s and an L.A. police detective are close to being a dime-a-dozen, but not so with Josh Weiss's superb Beat the Devils. It takes place in 1958 Los Angeles, but very different from our own history, beginning with the shocking twist that the President of the United States is former Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy. Instead of the relative peace and prosperity of the Eisenhower years, we're in the nightmare that is the McCarthy years, filled with Communist hunts among government agencies, businesses, and the media, as well as a secret police arresting and sometimes executing those suspected of disloyalty. Into this richly plotted and detailed novel is Detective Morris Baker, a Holocaust survivor who must navigate the dangerous times of this place, where Jews are second-class citizens, subject to pogroms and violence. A murder involving a prominent journalist and a famed film director sets him on a course of suspicion, betrayal, and double-crosses against a background of deep paranoia and permanent war. A remarkable achievement."
The Night Shift (2022)
Alex Finlay
"In his second novel, The Night Shift, Alex Finlay takes his place in the upper ranks of thriller writers. From the very first chapter, Finlay expertly grabs the reader?s attention with a horrific mass murder at a Blockbuster store in 1999. Flash forward fifteen years later, the events of that dreadful night echo in a small New Jersey town, with lots of unanswered questions and theories of what happened. Then, a similar mass murder takes place at an ice cream shop, and the lives of several people-from investigators to survivors-interact in dramatic fashion. Filled with crisp dialogue, incredible suspense and memorable characters, The Night Shift is one not to miss. Highly recommended."

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