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Antonio Hill is a Spanish author. His first novel, El verano de los juguetes muertos (The summer of the dead toys), has had a great success and it has received many excellent reviews.

Toni Hill was born in 1966, in Barcelona (Spain). He is a Bachelor of Psychology. He has worked for over ten years as a literary translator with Random House Mondadori, S.A., one of the leaders in edition and distribution in Spanish language.

Some of the authors who have been translated by him are David Sedaris, Jonathan Safran Foer, Glenway Wescott, Rosie Alison, Peter May, Rabbih Alameddine and A. L. Kennedy. His old job as a translator help him a lot to write his first novel, because that work allowed him to read many books and he could see the technique of many different authors.

He has always been a supporter of the black novels, and he has read Agatha Christies books since he was a child.

El verano de los juguetes muertos (The summer of the dead toys) is his first novel and it is a detective novel. It was released in July of 2011. Their translation rights have been purchased in Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Finland and Poland. The novel takes place in the current Barcelona and it has a great diversity thematic: it is about the matters of the guilt, the revenge, the sin and the crime. More than 25000 copies of the novel were sold in the first two months.

Toni Hill has pointed out that he spent six months thinking about what to write, and then, he spent six months writing the novel.

Genres: Mystery