Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez is a proud queer woman of color, radical mother, theater practitioner, award-winning author, and the artistic director of b current Performing Arts and the Sulong Theatre. She is of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, and Indian heritage, and she is married into the Navajo Nation. She is the author of the plays Singkil and Kilt Pins, the children's book M Is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book, and the novels Scarborough and Crosshairs.

Genres: Science Fiction
Picture Books
   I Promise (2019)
Catherine Hernandez recommends
Butter Honey Pig Bread (2020)
Francesca Ekwuyasi
"In this remarkable debut novel, a family of Nigerian women attempt to carefully tiptoe around an unspeakable tragedy. Through masterfully crafted scenes full of sumptuous imagery, readers are moved, just as these characters are, by forces beyond their control, beyond their lifetimes."
Like Home (2021)
Louisa Onomé
"Louisa Onomé's YA novel is for readers who can relate to the overwhelming feelings of change all around us. For Nelo, everything is changing. Her neighbourhood, her relationships and the way boys are looking at her. But Nelo's unbeatable spirit is what will get her through turbulent times and will have readers cheering her on to the very last page."

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