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Jacqueline Carey is the author of the New York Times bestselling Kushiel's Legacy series, beginning with Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen and Kushiel's Avatar, The Sundering epic fantasy duology, postmodern fables "Santa Olivia" and "Saints Astray," and the Agent of Hel contemporary fantasy series. Carey lives in west Michigan.

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Non fiction
Jacqueline Carey recommends
Lords of Rainbow (2003)
(Lords of Rainbow)
Vera Nazarian
"To read Vera Nazarian's Lords of Rainbow is to be immersed in a dream, wandering through a wondrous, shifting landscape where the sun shines silver and the world is rendered in an infinite palette of subtle grays, filled with glimpses of sublime loveliness and glorious *color*."
A Dark God Laughing (2005)
(Dream and a Lie, book 1)
Fiona McGavin
"A Dark God Laughing is the intriguing debut volume of Fiona McGavin's A Dream and a Lie trilogy, offering readers a vividly imagined world filled with violent religious strife, gender-shifting characters and an engaging hint of decadence. I look forward to reading more as the story continues to unfold!"
Melusine (2005)
(Doctrine of Labyrinths, book 1)
Sarah Monette
"A lush novel, rife with decadent magic, debilitating madness, and dubious deeds."
A Shadow in Summer (2006)
(Long Price Quartet, book 1)
Daniel Abraham
"Shadow in Summer is one of the most elegant and engaging fantasies I've read in years, based on an intriguing, original premise. I eagerly await the remaining volumes in Daniel Abraham's the Long Price Quartet."
Shadowed By Wings (2006)
(Dragon Temple Saga, book 2)
Janine Cross
"A vividly rendered world alive with detail."
Alcestis (2010)
Katharine Beutner
"An engaging, subversive reimagining of the tale of the eponymous Greek heroine who is upheld as a shining example of the dutiful wife for her selfless sacrifice."
The Traitor's Daughter (2011)
(Veiled Isles Trilogy, book 1)
Paula Brandon
"Compellingly complex motivations and character dynamics mark Paula Brandon's welcome debut."
Dreamer's Pool (2014)
(Blackthorn & Grim, book 1)
Juliet Marillier
"An enchanting tale grounded by [Marillier’s] compelling protagonists, Blackthorn and Grim, who rise above adversity to become a formidable team."
Black Wolves (2015)
(Black Wolves Trilogy, book 1)
Kate Elliott
"Black Wolves is a sweeping tale of loyalty and betrayal, ambition and intrigue, impelled by the mysteries that lie at its heart."
Truthwitch (2016)
(Witchlands, book 1)
Susan Dennard
"Featuring vibrant characters and an innovative system of magic, Susan Dennard's Truthwitch is a fast-paced adventure and a wonderful tribute to the power of the binding ties of friendship."
The Five Daughters of the Moon (2017)
(Waning Moon Duology, book 1)
Leena Likitalo
"A lyrical elegy to the fall of an empire."
The Tiger's Daughter (2017)
(Ascendant Trilogy , book 1)
K Arsenault Rivera
"The epistolary tale at the heart of The Tiger's Daughter unfolds with deceptive elegance, leading the reader to a conclusion at once unexpected, touching, and apt."
Border Crosser (2020)
Tom Doyle
"Tom Doyle blends an intricately re-envisioned history of America with literary references, some bold, some sly, in this genre-bending thriller. It's a feat of craftsmanship to be celebrated!"
Payback's a Witch (2021)
(Witches of Thistle Grove, book 1)
Lana Harper
"No tricks, all treat! Lana Harper’s debut Payback's a Witch is a compulsively fun read."
Crazy in Poughkeepsie (2022)
Daniel Pinkwater
"Opening the pages of Crazy in Poughkeepsie was like buying a ticket back to the all the weirdness and wonder of being a kid. I'm pretty sure we passed the Phantom Tollbooth during the road trip!"
A Strange and Stubborn Endurance (2022)
Foz Meadows
"Many a reader longing for a sense of homecoming in the realm of romantic fantasy will find it in A Strange and Stubborn Endurance."

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