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Cindy Holby


aka Colby Hodge, Kassy Tayler

Cindy Holby has always written stories in her head. It just took her several years to finally get one on paper. She quit her job at a local art gallery and decided to pursue writing on a full-time basis.

When she is not writing, she is taking care of her husband of twenty-four years, two teenage sons, and an odd assortment of friends who usually wind up at the dinner table. Her favorite pastime is watching her sons and their friends play baseball. She also likes to scrapbook and cross stitch.

Cindy has several other books in the works. She lives in Winston Salem, NC.
Angel's End
1. Angel's End (2012)
2. Colorado Heart (2012)
Non fiction
Rescued (2018) (with Marilyn Baxter, Diane Benefiel, joan bird, Sheri Humphreys, L P Maxa, Emily Mims and Gabi Stevens)