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Douglas D. Hawk was born and raised in the San Luis Valley, the highest mountain valley in the world, in Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado. After graduating from Monte Vista High School, he attended Adams State College (now University), preparing to be a speech/theater teacher. However, already married and a father, the draft lottery of 1969 changed his plans and rather be drafted, he took a two-year army enlistment and was trained as a military journalist at the Defense Information School in Fort Harrison, Indiana. After working as an army writer at Fort Eustis, Virginia and then VII Corps Headquarters outside Stuttgart, Germany, he and his family returned to Colorado, settling in Denver. He had a variety of jobs until after completing a master's degree in mass communications at the University of Denver.

About that time he embarked on his novel-writing career. MOONSLASHER, his first published book, appeared in 1987 and is now a Kindle book. It was immediately followed by THE OCCULT MADONNA and then THE DEVOURING. His only published short story, "Plane Scared," appeared in the Horror Writers Association anthology Deathport and won the Colorado Authors League's Best Short Fiction award.

Between 1984 and 2008, when he retired, Hawk was a public relations director/manager/consultant, first for the University of Denver and then for the Colorado Community College System. Retiring in early '08, he immediately created the Colorado Higher Education News, a website devoted to articles, features, commentary and editorials on Colorado higher ed. While interest in the website was high, revenue was not and he shut down the site in 2010.

He is the immediate past-president of the Colorado Authors' League, the state's oldest professional writers organization, Hawk writes full time, republishing his older works and preparing a number of new works for publication. Among is works that are currently available in the Kindle Store are MOONSLASHER, MOONS OF THE BLOOD HUNT (Moonslasher's sequel), ONE WINGS OF LEATHER (The Devouring published for the first time under its original title), ISLAND OF THE WOLF (a novella), MARK OF THE BLACK CLAW and JUSTICE OF THE BLACK CLAW (World War II tales of a vigilante protecting an American city from saboteurs, black marketers, hoodlums, Nazi agents and other threats to the home front war effort.)

Genres: Horror
   1. Moonslasher (1987)
   2. Moons of the Blood Hunt (2012)
   The Occult Madonna (1988)
   The Devouring (1994)
     aka On Wings of Leather
   Island of the Wolf (2012)
   Justice of the Black Claw (2013)
   Mark of the Black Claw (2013)
   The Big Blow-Off (2014)
   Graveyard Looters (2015)
   Denver Dreadful: The Ripper of Capitol Heights (2016)
   A Grinding in the Bones (2019)
Anthologies containing stories by Douglas D Hawk
Deathport (1993)
edited by
Ramsey Campbell

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