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Micah S. Hackler was born in November 23,1950, in the farming community of Hosington, Kansas. He traces his ancestry back to the Cherokee survivors from the trail of tears.  His father, raised on the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma,  became a geologist in the oil industry. Micah Hackler’s father’s job became very important in shaping Hackler’s  life because it forced the family to move an average of once every two years. Micah Hackler fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and became interested in the Anasazi and Pueblo cultures during his many moves.  He had already lived in Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska (twice), and Colorado by the time he was four.  He lived just outside of Denver for about six years, and by that time he had two sisters and a brother.  He and his family would go up to wherever his father’s company was drilling a well and spend four to six weeks.  He also got to visit places like Wyoming and Mexico, which would later help him in his writing.  Ohio, Oklahoma, and Michigan were waiting for the Hackler family after Denver. In December of 1966,  the family  moved to New Orleans.

Genres: Mystery
Sheriff Lansing
   1. Legend of the Dead (1995)
   2. Coyote Returns (1996)
   3. The Shadow Catcher (1997)
   4. The Dark Canyon (1997)
   5. The Mutes (2019)
   6. The Owl and the Raven (2019)
   7. The Weeping Woman (2019)
   8. Moon of the Blue Mustang (2020)
   9. Badlands (2020)
   10. Cerro Grande (2021)
   11. Montezuma's Fire (2023)

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