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Revolt in Berlin : Part Two

(The sixth book in the Flowers from Berlin series)
A novel by

“Revolt in Berlin: Part Two” is the sixth book in Noel Hynd’s ‘Flowers From Berlin’ series.

It is 1953, the start of the Eisenhower vs. Khrushchev years. Berlin, bitterly divided between East and West, remains the focal point of the Cold War, the political tinderbox that threatens to spark World War Three.

American intelligence agent – and expert on Berlin – William Cochrane has returned to Berlin under the cover of an instructor at the Free University, a beacon of western thought and freedom in a city still devastated by the world war. Berlin remains surrounded by Soviet troops from all sides. With dismay growing against Stalinist rule in East Germany, the people and the streets seethe with violence and insurrection. By 1953, Soviet tanks are set to role into Berlin to crush a workers’ revolt, and the world will have its most critical American-Soviet confrontation since 1945.

For Bill Cochrane the mayhem on the streets and in the back alleys of Berlin keep him busy in a world of espionage, assassination, abduction, compromised principles and constant danger. With each passing year, the personal stakes are greater than ever, the threats directed not just at Berlin and the free world, but at Cochrane, his family and the men and women in his network who trust him with their lives.

“Revolt in Berlin: Part Two” is another brilliant stand-alone spy story in this captivating series, a tale told in a unique voice American espionage fiction.

Raves for the Author:
"Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington's agencies, both public and private." - Publishers Weekly.

"A few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world..." - Booklist.

"Intricate...Bloody good!" - NY Times Book Review.

Raves for the series:

On Flowers From Berlin
Library Journal.: “Complex in characterization, crisp in dialogue, and thorough in its background."
The Cleveland Plain-Dealer: "First rate!"
Los Angeles Times: “A Chiller!"
The Savannah News-Presse: "A Super spy novel!"

On Return to Berlin:

Paul Collins, The Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph, January 30, 2020

"A Compelling Spy Thriller of War-Torn Berlin" - Lovers of World War Two stories will devour this stunning tale that is a perfect combination of knife-edge intrigue and history brought to life, as Noel Hynd writes period fiction that is mesmerizing. From the outset, he hooks readers and takes them on a tension-filled emotional roller-coaster ride. He populates the story with characters that are so richly drawn that, for me, it was often difficult to believe that they were all brought to life from the author's imagination. The pages are filled with suspense that is crafted in a style that is thoughtful, gripping and that had me racing through the pages, and yet not wanting the story to end. 'Return to Berlin' possesses all the hallmarks of a compelling international spy thriller by an author who writes in a confident and gripping style that summons the intrigue of WW2 in a unique way that breathes life into fictional characters in tautly drawn settings that are filled with nail-biting scenes. This is a book that will have you reading long after the rest of the world has gone to sleep.

Genre: Thriller

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