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Steve Harris


Steve Harris has walked with Jesus since 1987. He has taught the Word of God and preached the Gospel in many nations of the world, with salvation, healing, and miracles often accompanying the message. He has worshipped with ministers such as Ron Kenoly, Pastor Benny Hinn, and Olivia McClurkin. As the founder of Outpouring Ministries, an organisation that exists to make a difference in a world full of desperate need, Steve has launched mercy ministries in developing nations, constructing wells, computer & sewing schools, and establishing small to medium enterprises to lift people out of poverty. 
He is also the founder of Global Influencers, a global community that is joined together in agape love and growing through the truth of God's Word and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Members are trained and equipped to walk in the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to restore Kingdom culture from grassroots to government in the villages, cities, regions, and nations of the world.

   The Eyes of the Beast (1990)
     aka Adventureland
   Wulf (1991)
   The Hoodoo Man (1992)
   Angels (1993)
   Black Rock (1996)
   The Devil on May Street (1997)
   Straker's Island (1998)
Novellas and Short Stories

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