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REV: Requiem

REV Warrioes Part 2: Book 3
(The eighth book in the REV Warriors series)
A novel by

Held captive on an alien planet 2,000 light-years from Earth …

Facing the combined strength of two technologically-superior races ...

Super-REV Zac Murphy has all the players just where he wants them …

International bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris presents Book #3 in The REV Warriors Series - Part 2, an epic military sci-fi novel set in the near future.

Book #3: REV: Requiem

REVs are the super-soldiers of the future, chemically-enhanced Marines producing the performance-enhancing drug Rev naturally in their bodies. Now, there are supermen and -women walking among us. Are they here to save Humanity, or replace it? Only time will tell.

The story continues: Having been maneuvered into attacking an innocent planet populated by natives with technology far out-pacing that of Earth, Humanity faces its greatest challenge – fighting off two superior races out to exterminate the Human race. It was bad enough when it was just mankind against the Seken. Now the Azloreans have joined the fray.

After being captured during the failed attack against the Azloreans, Zac Murphy is now being kept as a trophy by the mastermind of the whole affair, the Antaerean Kallen Zaphin. He’s keeping Zac alive so the REV can witness the final demise of the Human race. In the meantime, Angus Price is struggling to stay one step ahead of the alien pursuers, leading the remnants of the Human fleet farther away from Zac and a potential rescue attempt.

But little do Zac and Angus know, there’s a major new power in the galaxy on their way to help, and a home-grown power at that.

How does Zac get rescued? How does the Human race survive against such insurmountable odds? How does the truth about Zac’s past impact his future? The answers are all here in REV: Requiem.

REV: Requiem is the third book in the second part of the REV story with many more adventures to come – if the Human race can survive …

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Genre: Science Fiction

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