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Neal Asher

UK flag (b.1961)

Neal Asher lives sometimes in England, sometimes in Crete and mostly at a keyboard. Having over eighteen books published he has been accused of overproduction (despite spending far too much time ranting on his blog, cycling off fat, and drinking too much wine) but doesn’t intend to slow down just yet.

Genres: Science Fiction

Non fiction
   Story Behind the Book (2013) (with Paul McAuley, Kristijan Meic and Ivana Steiner)
     aka A Very British History
Short stories
Mason's Rats III (1999)British Fantasy Society (nominee)
Sucker (1999)British Fantasy Society (nominee)

British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : Mason's Rats III
British Fantasy Society Best Short Story nominee (1999) : Sucker
Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (2005) : Cowl

Neal Asher recommends
Reviver (2013)
(Reviver trilogy, book 1)
Seth Patrick
"An excellent combination of Afterlife and CSI that’ll keep you up late with the lights very definitely on . . . Highly recommended."
Artefact (2015)
(Lazarus War, book 1)
Jamie Sawyer
"A hostile race of alien biomechs somewhat in the mould of H. R. Giger aliens . . . terrorism, subterfuge and traitors . . . starships sporting particle beam weapons, railguns the size of skyscrapers, laser batteries, missiles . . . And then there are the uber-human super-soldiers clad in powered armour and wielding plasma weapons . . . Is that enough for you? . . . This, dear readers, is the good stuff. Recommended."
Tomorrow Factory (2018)
Rich Larson
"Enjoyably twisty SF tales with an ample serving of weird tech (and the way it distorts the people who use it). I’ll be looking out for more from Rich Larson."

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