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The Eternal City

(The fifth book in the Last of the Romans series)
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War is evil. It spares nothing. And, inevitably, it is the innocent who suffer.

Returning victorious from Carthage, Belisarius and Varus encounter Constantinople riven by religious strife, and slavering for grander spoils than those seized from the Vandal Kingdom. An opportunity arises upon the death of the Ostrogothic Queen Amalasuntha – a friend of Justinian, murdered in mysterious circumstances. Incensed, Justinian dispatches Belisarius and Varus, charged with leading a few thousand hardened veterans against the collective might of the Ostrogoths.

To the men of the Empire, Italy is shrouded in mystery, laced with tragic grandeur. To seize Rome again after centuries of isolation will fulfill a generations-old dream - if they can survive long enough.

For it is not only innumerable Gothic spears that the Imperial expedition must face, but zealotry, betrayal, and even the heavens themselves. As famine stalks the land and pestilence ravages their camps, some amongst the Imperial devout whisper of the end of days. Those whispers swell as a veil of darkness cloaks the skies, diminishing the light of the life-giving Sun into a cold, unrecognizable orb.

Bloodied, bereft of supplies, and stymied of reinforcements, Belisarius and Varus struggle to keep order amidst growing unrest. Surrounded and besieged, the beleaguered Imperial warriors race to pacify a blighted land, finding that there are far worse fates than death by an enemy sword.

The great prize beckons. Justinian shall make the Eternal City Roman once more, or doom millions in the attempt. Rome awaits, in all of its splendor.

Genre: Historical

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