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Ben Kane is a bestselling Roman author and former veterinarian. He was born in Kenya and grew up in Ireland (where his parents are from). He has traveled widely and is a lifelong student of military history in general, and Roman history in particular. He lives in North Somerset, England, with his family.

Genres: Historical
Ben Kane recommends
The Best of Men (2009)
(Laurence Beaumont, book 1)
V C Letemendia
"A fiendish plot, full of intrigue and violence, and a richness and depth rare in historical fiction - I loved it."
Sons of Thunder (2010)
(Raven , book 2)
Giles Kristian
"Bone-crunchingly good."
Sworn Sword (2011)
(Conquest, book 1)
James Aitcheson
"A terrific writer."
Hawk Quest (2012)
Robert Lyndon
"Bloody brilliant. I loved this book. I wish I'd written it."
The Sultan's Wife (2012)
(Moroccan, book 3)
Jane Johnson
"Full of intrigue, deceit, skulduggery and murder. It has romance in it, but also heartbreak and personal tragedy. It's deeply evocative of North Africa - the sights, the smells, the culture, but there are also great depictions of London at the time, and the court of Charles II. I really enjoyed it."
Warlord's Gold (2014)
(Civil War Chronicles, book 5)
Michael Arnold
"Fans of Cornwell will love Captain Innocent Stryker."
The Long Sword (2014)
(Chivalry, book 2)
Christian Cameron
"One of the finest historical fiction writers in the world."
The Battle for Rome (2015)
(Twilight of Empire, book 3)
Ian Ross
"A thumping good read."
Deposed (2017)
David Barbaree
"Outstanding. An extraordinary recreation of ancient Rome. Miss this at your peril."
By Blood Divided (2017)
(Mistra Chronicles / Rise of Empires Chronicles, book 4)
James Heneage
"A grand, sweeping drama of the finest kind, miss this excellent book at your peril."

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