William Havelock

History is replete with stories of daring, sacrifice, loss, and triumph. Yet we tend to focus upon only a few of these diverse societies and eras - and are worse off for it.
William Havelock is a novelist seeking to bring these oft-neglected historical figures to the modern page. His debut novel, The Last Dying Light, tells of Belisarius - a figure who defied all odds in service of his Emperor, even at the cost of his freedom and life. The Last Dying Light is the first of a series known as 'The Last of the Romans', which will unveil all the unbelievably true tales from looming figures such as Theodora, Justinian, and Belisarius himself.


Genres: Historical
New and upcoming books
Last of the Romans
   1. The Last Dying Light (2020)
   2. Immortal (2021)
   3. The Gates of Carthage (2022)
   4. The Pillars of Herakles (2023)
   5. The Eternal City (2024)

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