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Yuri Herrera

Mexico (b.1970)

Yuri Herrera is a writer, teacher, and author of the award-winning novels Trabajos del reino and Señales que precederán al fin del mundo.
Non fiction
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards Best Book nominee (2018) : Transmigration of Bodies

Yuri Herrera recommends
Sip (2017)
Brian Allen Carr
"In Sip, Brian Allen Carr beautifully cultivates the classic motif of the loss of the shadow to underline, disguised as a speculation about the future, the nightmarish features of our dystopian present."
The Taiga Syndrome (2018)
Cristina Rivera-Garza
"Cristina Rivera Garza does not respect what is expected of a writer, of a novel, of language. She is an agitator."
The Bitch (2020)
Pilar Quintana
"The Bitch is a novel of true violence. Artist that she is, Pilar Quintana uncovers wounds we didn't know we had, shows us their beauty, and then throws a handful of salt into them."
American Delirium (2021)
Betina González
"This is a beautiful and ruthless novel that asks readers to dive into it with their whole selves, to see themselves in its violence and its flickers of hope. It is, like few are, a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it."

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