Eileen Jackson

Having written short stories for many years, Eileen was in her late forties before she turned to novel writing and first had her talent recognised by being published in America.
It was towards the end of the 1970s, when she was taken up by the London literary agent Gerald Pollinger, that her career blossomed in the UK and then worldwide. Bringing up and caring for her family did not stop Eileen from finding the time to write each and every day a routine she urged upon young writers whenever asked to speak or comment upon a writers life. She was a very versatile author, and wrote for a variety of markets - from dark Victorian mysteries to swashbuckling pirate adventures, and from Mills & Boon modern romances to tales of Regency elegance quivering with emotional turmoil.

Towards the end of her career, Eileen tackled the big book, the family saga, and produced six novels for Hodder Headline under the pen-name, Elizabeth Warne. Eileen always undertook in-depth research for all her books, to ensure historical and geographic accuracy. Her authentic handling of dialogue was also the result of careful research. A favourite setting for her family sagas was the early part of the 20th century and, for each new book, Eileen went to the people who could remember and describe life, love, good times and the problems that beset those who lived at that time.

Eileen settled in Scotland, with her husband John and her family, in 1977. For the past twenty years she lived with her husband in a Regency cottage near Straiton. She always said how lucky she was to live in such a wonderful spot in the world and talked of the kindness of those around her.

Genres: Historical Romance