Noel B Gerson

(Noel Bertram Gerson)
USA flag (1914 - 1988)

aka Anne Marie Burgess, Samuel Edwards, Leon Phillips, Donald Clayton Porter, Dana Fuller Ross

The main themes of Noel B.s writing included personalities and events in American history. Among the subjects of his biographies were Sam Houston, Kit Carson and Presidents Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt. As Dana Fuller Ross, he wrote the popular ''Wagons West'' series; as Donald Clayton Porter, he wrote the ''White Indian'' series. Two of his novels, ''55 Days at Peking'' and ''The Naked Maja,'' were made into movies.

Noel B.  who wrote 325 books of fact and fiction under his own name and several pseudonyms, died at the age of 75 in 1988.

Mr. Gerson is survived by his wife, Marilyn, and a son, Paul, both of Boca Raton; three daughters, Noel-Anne Brennan of Peacedale, R.I., Michelle Schechter of Fort Pierce, Fla., and Margot Burgett of Moose River, Me., and four grandchildren.

Genres: Inspirational
   The Mohawk Ladder (1951)
     aka Sword of Fortune
   Savage Gentleman (1951)
     aka Savage Cavalier
   The Cumberland Rifles (1952)
   The Golden Eagle (1953)
   The Imposter (1954)
   Port Royal (1954)
   The Forest Lord (1955)
   The Highwayman (1955)
   That Egyptian Woman (1956)
   When the Wind Blows (1956)
   The Conqueror's Wife (1957) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   Daughter of Eve (1958)
   Devil's Prize (1958) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   The Invincibles (1958)
   The Silver Lion (1958)
   The Charlatan (1959)
   The Naked Maja (1959)
   The Wilderness (1959)
   Nathan Hale, Espionage Agent (1960)
   The Nelson Touch (1960)
   The Yankee Brig (1960)
   The Yankee From Tennessee (1960)
   The Gentle Fury (1961)
   Valley Forge (1961)
   The White Plume (1961) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   The Emperor's Ladies (1962)
   The Hittite (1962)
   The Land Is Bright (1962)
   Master of Castile (1962) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   Scoundrels' Brigade (1962)
   The Girl Market (1963)
   The Golden Lyre (1963)
   The Trojan (1963)
   The Yankee Rascals (1963)
   Dragon Cove (1964)
   Old Hickory (1964)
   Roanoke Warrior (1965)
   The Slender Reed (1965)
   Yankee Doodle Dandy (1965)
   Fortress Fury (1966)
   Give Me Liberty (1966)
   Last Wilderness (1966)
   Mr. Madison's War (1966)
   The Anthem (1967)
   I'll Storm Hell (1967)
   The Silver Saber (1967)
   The Fantastic Breed (1968)
   Jefferson Square (1968)
   Sam Houston (1968)
   Split Bamboo (1968) (as by Leon Phillips)
   The Edict of Nantes (1969)
   The Golden Ghetto (1969)
   P. J., My Friend (1969)
   The Seneca Hostage (1969)
   Theodora (1969)
   Clear for Action! (1970)
   The Crusader (1970)
   The Divine Mistress (1970)
   TR (1970)
   Warhead (1970)
   Island in the Wind (1971)
   Talk Show (1971)
   Mirror, Mirror (1971)
   Double Vision (1972)
   Temptation to Steal (1972)
   The Sunday Heroes (1972)
   The Double Lives of Francisco de Goya (1973)
   State Trooper (1973)
   Rebel! a Biography of Tom Paine (1974)
   The Exploiters (1974) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   The Caves of Guernica (1975) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   All That Glitters (1976) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   Neptune (1976) (as by Samuel Edwards)
   Special Agent (1976)
   Liner (1977)
   The Trial of Andrew Johnson (1977)
   The Smugglers (1977)
   The River Devils (1981)
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