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Nina Jarrett started writing her own stories in elementary school but quickly grew distracted when she finished school and moved on to non-profit work with recovering drug addicts. There she worked with people from every walk of life from privileged neighborhoods to the shanty towns of urban and rural South Africa.
One day she met a real life romantic hero. She instantly married her fellow bibliophile and moved to the USA where she enjoyed a career as a sales coaching executive at an Inc 500 company. She currently lives with her husband on the Florida Gulf Coast.
Nina believes in kindness and the indomitable power of the human spirit. She is fascinated by the amazing, funny people she has met across the world who dared to change their lives. She likes to tell mischievous tales of life-changing decisions and character transformations while drinking excellent coffee and avoiding cookies.


Genres: Historical Romance
New and upcoming books
Inconvenient Brides
   0.5. The Captain's Wife (2022)
   1. The Duke Wins a Bride (2022)
   Interview With the Duke (2022)
   2. To Redeem an Earl (2022)
   3. My Fair Bluestocking (2023)
   4. Sleepless in Saunton (2023)
   4.5. A Waltz With Isabelle (2024)
   5. Caroline Saves the Blacksmith (2023)
   6. Long Live the Baron (2024)
   7. Moonlight Encounter (2024)
   8. Lord Trafford's Folly (2024)
   9. The Trouble with Titles (2024)
   10. Lord of Intrigue (2025)
   The Grand Mistletoe Assembly (2023) (with others)

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