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Pauline Baird Jones had a tough time with reality from the get-go. After "schooling" from four, yes FOUR brothers, she knew that some people needed love and others needed shooting. Pauline figured she could do both. Romantic suspense was the logical starting point, but there were more worlds to explore, more rules to break and minds to bend. She grabbed her pocket watch and time travel device and dove through the wormhole into the world of science fiction and even some Steampunk.

Now she wanders among the genres, trying a little of this and a lot of that, rampaging through her characters' lives like Godzilla because she does love her peril (when it's not happening to her). Never fear, she gives her characters happy endings. Well, the good characters. The bad ones get justice.

Genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance
   The Spy Who Kissed Me (2000)
     aka Pig in a Park
   Do Wah Diddy Die (2001)
   A Dangerous Dance (2004)
   Specters in the Storm (2016)
   Portals: Volume Three (2016) (with Maeve Alpin, Marie Andreas, Jenna Bennett, Michelle Diener, S E Gilchrist, Pippa Jay, Lisa Morrow, Aurora Springer and Amelia Treader)
   Star Crossed Collection (2018) (with Lindsay Buroker, C Gockel, Alexis Glynn Latner, Carol Van Natta, Christine Pope and Greta van der Rol)
Series contributed to
Pets in Space
   2. Embrace the Romance (2017) (with Cara Bristol, M K Eidem, Susan Grant, Laurie A Green, Michelle Howard, Sabine Priestley, Veronica Scott, S E Smith and Jessica E Subject)
   5. Pets in Space 5 (2020) (with Regine Abel, Michelle Diener, Laurie A Green, Kyndra Hatch, JC Hay, Alexis Glynn Latner, Carol Van Natta, Veronica Scott and S E Smith)
Non fiction