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Zoë Sharp was born in Nottinghamshire, but spent most of her formative years living on a catamaran on the northwest coast of England. After a promising start at a private girls' school, she opted out of mainstream education at the age of twelve in favour of correspondence courses at home. She wrote her first (unpublished) novel when she was fifteen.

Zoë went through a variety of jobs in her teenage years, from yacht delivery crew to van driver, horse riding instructor to pensions and mortgage advisor, and which included a soul-destroying stint selling advertising for a local newspaper. In 1988, on the strength of one accepted article, Zoë gave up her regular job to become a freelance photo-journalist, and has been making a living writing and photographing ever since.

She lives in Cumbria, and is married, but says she would rather have a motorbike than children. Her hobbies are sailing, fast cars, (and faster motorbikes), target shooting, travel, films, music, and reading just about anything she can get her hands on.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
Charlie Fox
   0.5. Trial Under Fire (2021)
   1. Killer Instinct (2001)
   2. Riot Act (2002)
   3. Hard Knocks (2003)
   4. First Drop (2004)
   5. Road Kill (2005)
   6. Second Shot (2007)
   7. Third Strike (2008)
   8. Fourth Day (2010)
   9. Fifth Victim (2011)
   A Bridge Too Far (2011)
   Across The Broken Line (2011)
   Off Duty (2011)
   Postcards From Another Country (2011)
   Served Cold (2011)
   Truth And Lies (2011)
   Fox Five (2012)
   10. Die Easy (2012)
   11. Absence of Light (2013)
   12. Fox Hunter (2017)
   13. Bad Turn (2019)
   Fox Five Reloaded (2021)
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   The Blood Whisperer (2013)
Novellas and Short Stories
   The Night Butterflies (2012)
   Last Right (2012)
   Tell Me (2012)
   Rules of Engagement (2013)
   An Italian Job (2016) (with John Lawton)
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Zoë Sharp recommends
Curse the Day (2020)
(Michael North, book 2)
Jude O'Reilly
"A brilliant technothriller that reads like a Bond movie, complete with terrific action sequences, memorable characters, and the fate of the world at stake ... The pace never lets up and the story stays with you long after the final page."
The Antiquities Hunter (2018)
(Gina Miyoko Mystery, book 1)
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
"A witty and thoroughly engaging page-turner that would make Lara Croft's head spin. Gina Miyoko is a unique, sassy, and very welcome addition to the top rank of fictional private eyes."
Assassins Hunted (2018)
(English Assassins Trilogy, book 1)
Rachel Amphlett
"With the Assassins trilogy, Rachel Amphlett proves her mastery of the fast-paced action thriller. Get ready for a hell of a ride."

Books containing stories by Zoë Sharp
Writers Crushing COVID-19 (2020)
An Anthology for Writers Crushing COVID-19 Relief
edited by
Lawrence Kelter
For the Sake of the Game (2018)
Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon
edited by
Laurie R King and Leslie S Klinger

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Award nominations
2011 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel (nominee) : Fourth Day
2005 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel (nominee) : First Drop

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