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Shannah Jay

A pseudonym used by Anna Jacobs

Shannah Jay is the fantasy alias of Anna Jacobs. She wrote the Chronicles of Tenebrak soon after she started getting published, book 4 of which was shortlisted for Best Australian Fantasy Novel in the late 90s.

With the coming of ebooks, the Shannah Jay books have been re-issued via Amazon. They also include Tenebrak: the Founding, a look at the same world 20,000 years earlier, Envoy, a futuristic thriller/romance which is one of the authors own favourites, and an exciting childrens fantasy adventure The Sword of Azaray.

If only she didnt need to sleep every single night, Anna would put on her Shannah hat again and write more fantasy stories. But if you want to escape into her other worlds, including one where psychic gifts have been developed and fine-tuned, try Shannahs stories.

Genres: Fantasy
Anthologies containing stories by Shannah Jay
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Flame Child (1998)